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Forums - General Discussion - The Game of Thrones (Season 3) Official Thread - New Poll!


Who is your favorite character?

Jon Snow 59 18.85%
Tyrion Lannister 88 28.12%
Arya Stark 47 15.02%
Jaime Lannister 19 6.07%
Joffrey Baratheon 9 2.88%
Robb Stark 20 6.39%
Sandor Clegane (The Hound) 5 1.60%
Ygritte 4 1.28%
Bran Stark 7 2.24%
Someone else/ See results 50 15.97%

Just found a new game of thrones vid asking the cast memebers on who should sit on the throne. It was pretty cool to find out there opinions.

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^I would answer that personally with Robb Stark or maybe Daenerys. Tyrion really isn't king material imo. He's the one that should be pulling all the strings and the like

I think Daenerys deserves it the most. She's from the line of Targaryens who ruled for so long, she didn't inherit her father's madness (Viserys did, that asshole), she's a brillant tactician, she has good values and would make a great queen, firm but just.

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Everything has been slow since it started, haven't seen much of Jon Snow wich is my favorite Character, but I'm so happy that Theon is being tortured. LOL.


A few hours now until the 3rd episode

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It was a very good episode, and I reckon they are speeding up the pace. Next episode it's going to be awesome.


Lol at the Pod scene. XD "copious details"

Agreed. Dying for the next episode already!!

Good news. I will watch it later tonight. And thanks for posting the preview, benao ;o

So the Watch is back at Craster's Keep. No Sam the Slayer for TV then?


Omg, I loved this latest episode! :D


I watched the preview, but I really have no idea what to expect from the next episode, I'm certain daenerys has something planned but I think she'll order her new troops to attack the slave leader to retake her dragon (not very original, but I'm pretty sure how it'll go down :P).