Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever switched your console allegiance mid-gen?

Did you switch?

I switched to Nintendo. 18 9.05%
I switched to MS. 45 22.61%
I switched to Sony. 73 36.68%
I stayed with the first console I bought. 63 31.66%

Normally people tend to pick one console that they buy at the start of the gen and then love that console until it's very death while turning a blind eye or rejecting the competing platforms. But has there been a case where you started off really loving one console but eventually switched your preference to another mid-gen?

Just to clarify, an allegiance does not have to make you a fanboy. It just means you prefer a certain console over another, which I think we all do to some degree. It DOESN'T mean you diss the competition and it's supporters as though you are waging a war.

For me personally I have switched allegiance massively this gen. I started off getting the Wii at the beginning because of how revolutionary the controls were. I absolutely loved playing games like DBZ BT3, Mario Kart Wii and SSBB. My mind was set that the other consoles didn't have anything as awesome as the Wii. Over time though I realised that the Wii really didn't have much software being released on it and all the games I wanted to play were being released on PS360. At that point I looked at the HD twins and decided to get the 360 because it was heralded as having untouchable MP facilities, despite having to pay a small fee each month, and I loved online MP games. So I got the 360, played Halo and COD for the first time and fell in love with shooters. At that point, the 360 was the best thing I had and the Wii seemed like a child's toy to me. Eventually though, I went back to my roots of playing JRPGs and the 360 is a console has been abandoned by developers of such games, even though it was initially a great JRPG platform which I enjoyed. So I looked towards the PS3 which had many great exclusives and seemed to be the console Japanese devs supported most after handhelds. So I got the PS3 last year and now I friggin love this thing. I just realised I've been pointlessly paying extra money for an online service that is pretty much the same as PSN and the PS3 has many more exclusives that are tailored towards my taste as well as all the 3rd party software the 360 has, which has only been spitting out Halo, Gears and Forza sequels as of late.

So yeah, long story short, I went from Wii to 360 to PS3 by the end of this gen. What about you?


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same story, except the part with the 360, got a wii, loved it for a couple of years, then my brother got a ps3 for his birthday and i tried it and fell in love with it, unfortunately my wii now gathers dust :(

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From Nintendo to Sony.

I was a fan of Nintendo till they released the Wii, then i switched to Sony.

Didn't switched my preference, but I bought a X360 during the gen to play some JRPGs and Halo. I started this gen with a Wii.

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Ditto I think. (I didn't read the op)

Jumped from a Dreamcast to the PS2 (still loved both dearly). I also jumped from Wii to PS3.

I wouldn't say I jumped from one company to another though, as I always loved Sony consoles as far back as I remember, I just didn't buy them first.

Had a PS, got a N64. Had a PS2, got an Xbox. Had a PS3, got a PS3. Aaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaah.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

I bought PS3 first, but after I saw how bad this console and how weak are exclusives I switched to xbox360, never regretted it.

Later are added Wii to the collection. It was first N console since SNES I really enjoyed. Super Mario Galaxy and Xenoblade are 10/10 games in my book.

The first time this ever happened to me was from Sega to Nintendo. This was in the Super Nintendo era.

Recently, I jumped from the Wii to the PC. I played the Wii a lot until this year. It's easy to run out of things to play when Nintendo did not support the Wii until the end. Then Guild Wars 2 came up and I bought a PC just for it. Now it's all I play. WvW rocks too much!