Forums - Sony Discussion - Why I Love PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale More Than Super Smash Bros.

I've been playing Smash for years now, so right now I prefer to play All Stars. But overall I definitely think that Smash is better.

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I tried Battle Royale and after trying multiplayer with every character i sold the game to never play that awful game again. The different ways to approach and build up the percentage bar and later knock them up are a lot more than than the ways to build the special bars.

And i found so discouraging that you only can KO by using an special attack, making for most of the time a boring game.

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Paquito said:
o_O.Q said:
Paquito said:
Venga, vete a decir tonterías a otra parte, payaso.

lol so to avoid a ban you insult the op in spanish 

i really don't get the intolerance to people that may like this game from some nintendo fans they act like if its a personnal insult or something lol

I look at your avatar, I look at your signature, I understand the kind of person you are.

Me siento mucho más cómodo diciendo verdades en mi idioma.

¿Esquivar baneos? o_O ¿Para qué? Espero que no intentes leer el futuro a nadie más, no se te da bien.

¿Te duele algo? Te noto irritado.

the fact that you call someone a clown and state that he's blathering if he posts something that you disagree with tells me far more about the type of person you are

furthermore hiding all of that behind the veil of another language seems rather cowardly imo

that original post you made should have been a sure ban imo but the moderation here is so spotty at times that i'm not at all surprised

and no i'm not in pain but your posts in this thread would suggest you are... why the op's opinion would pain you and other nintendo fans so is what interests me