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Forums - Website Topics - Anyone wants to see a retro game forum on VGChartz?


Do you want to see a retro games forum on VGChartz?

Yes 30 75.00%
No 10 25.00%

Retro game forum would totally kick ass.

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sethnintendo said:

Does anyone have the time, patience, bad ass workmanship to make a nice thread about the rare retro games up to about the GCN, PS2, Xbox era? I used to be big into collecting sports cards and that has kind of rubbed off onto video games. Got to the point where I have at least 20+ games on backlog because I buy so many games. I do it for collecting and to enjoy the game. I seem to be more going on the collecting side lately than gaming.

If someone wants to, that would be cool.  For me, what I have for the PS2 is the PS2 as a retro console, so I have the Midway Arcade Treasures and more.  I pretty much got HD updates, like Katamari, of the stuff on the PS2.  I believe PS2/XBox/GC era is almost about to go retro, but likely would need to have Microsoft and Sony with their next gen consoles on the market, to be able to go with this.  Anyhow, I could go through a number of them, but found a number of the games have not aged as well as one would hope, unless they are done in old school style.

Hey everyone, if this site doesn't get a retro game forum, I welcome anyone on facebook to join my CADERS group and discuss retro stuff there. will get you to it on Facebook also. But, I still want to see something here.

Yes I think it would be a great idea.

shakarak said:
Yes I think it would be a great idea.

Well, I hope we get large support to make the doubters wrong.  Get mo' votes!