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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official Retro Games Thread (was: Atarians and other retro gamers assemble!)

NightDragon83 said:

Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 represent!



The 2600 and 5200 were the first consoles I ever played, both owned by my cousins, and then the 7800 became my first ever very own console.

I was very happy with my Atari 7800 even though my friends all had NES. When I finaly got an NES I think I apreatiated it more because I didn't take it's graphics for granted. The 7800 and it's wonky controller will always have a special place in my heart. I think I used it more for Atari 2600 games though. My friends and I would use it for Pong even when the SNES and Genesis were all the rage. Pong is timeless.

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Saw this in the Game Shop (parody of Thirft Store) video:

YES! It is LittleBigPlanet for the NES!

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but my favourite of their games is Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Prime games were never my cup of tea. I doing it right?

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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thekitchensink said:
I know this is an unpopular opinion, but my favourite of their games is Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Prime games were never my cup of tea. I doing it right?

Going neo-retro?  I don't have a problem with that.

I support this thread all the way :)

Here are a few photos my fiancee took at the video game exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It was a retro gamer's paradise.

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Is that Smithsonian exhibit still going on these days?

richardhutnik said:
Is that Smithsonian exhibit still going on these days?

It ended in September. The show is now on the road.

Boca Raton Museum of Art (October 24, 2012–January 20, 2013)
EMP Museum in Seattle (February 16, 2013–May 13, 2013)
Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY (February 15, 2014–May 18, 2014)
Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio (June 19, 2014–September 28, 2014)
Flint Institute of Arts in Flint, Michigan (October 25, 2014–January 18, 2015)
Memphis Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, Tennessee (June 6, 2015–September 13, 2015)

I love retro gaming. My All-Time Top 50 has a good selection of NES and SNES games.

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kain_kusanagi said:
richardhutnik said:
Gamerace said:
happydolphin said:
richardhutnik said:

Every form of electronic entertainment has blanded itself together under the banner known as "videogames".  This includes games, adventures and also interactive fiction.  Because the videogame industry has a longing to be like the movie industry, there is a push for a story, acting, "memorable characters" and whatnot, and hung up on that.  In light of this, the two biggest impact IPs this generation are likely Angry Birds and Minecraft that have NONE of that.

Speaking on Dragon's Lair, I happened to end up seeing a video on YouTube how the single player campaign of the latest Medal of Honor game way WAY like Dragon's Lair.  You had to do things EXACTLY, or you would die.  Was it "Angry Biscuit" or something who did it (British guy)?  And someone can then go and post the modern FPS map vs that of Doom map.  It seems FPS also changed when they got rid of the auto mapping in the game, due to going 3D with the maps (Quake first to change this).  So, you do have things, in effect, where if you add something, you can lose elements of gameplay in there prior.

I was pointing out that key games back then also had a significant portion storytelling and a lesser portion of gameplay. Another example was King's Quest. I'm not sure a forum on retro will eliminate that crucial segment in the industry, as hard as people will try to eradicate it. It is an important part of gaming for many people out there.

It's a valid point but I know for myself I hate seeing a lot of genre's lose their basic gameplay to become more action oriented (Survival horrors, RPGs) and action based games become ever more focused on a movie-like experience often at the cost of the basic gameplay.   For example, I don't want a linear QTE Tomb Raider (not even for an hour) for the sake of character development.  I don't need Lara to have a more realistic character, I want more puzzle/exploration.  It's a game, not a movie, leave it as such.   But I am vastly outvoted because games that leave their basic premise to cater to the biggest audience (Resident Evil) are handsomely rewarded.

I could argue that it seems today that there is a reduction of genres, and an increase blanding to the lowest common denominator, a mashing of things in the name of storytelling.  It has increasely become more of interactive fiction and adventures, with increased dexerity elements, or adventure being mashed with action, and things dumbed down to pulling levers in certain order or hunting the key card.  Action has assimilated adventure, outside of Indie stuff, and then you now see RPG also being assimilated.  The stat building element of RPGs has been getting into about everything at this point.

So, you come out with large scaled budget blanding of genres, that are supposed to appeal to everyone, in the name of adventure.


I agree with you on retail games, Resident Evil is the example I always use for the homogenisation of game play. But recently we have seen a new renaissance of gaming with the new explosion of indie games. XBLA and Steam are the place to be if you love games of all the genre's no longer on store shelves. I have three Dreamcast games on preorder right now. A vertical shooter called Sturmwind, a classic RPG called Pier Solar, and a horizontal shooter called Redux. BTW, Pier Solar HD is coming to XBLA , Wii U, PC and Mobile. My point is that the games we all love are still coming out, they just aren't coming in boxes any more.

Haven't play on PC since my PC died 7 or 8 years ago.  My laptop surficed for all my needs (except games) and Wii suited my game fix nicely.

These days I'm finding a similar resurgence of classic genres on mobile as I have RPGs, point and click adventures, arcade, platformers, and puzzlers on my phone now.


Best thread on this site!

I had an Atari 2600 I believe and a ColecoVision, both of which I was too young to really appreciate at the time. Therefore, for me, gaining started with arguably the greatest console of all time, the NES.

I hope the thread gets Official.

So when can we start discussing specific games

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