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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official Retro Games Thread (was: Atarians and other retro gamers assemble!)

I find it funny that all of the games I've bought from the e-Shop for my 3DS are either NES or GBA games.

Right now I'm playing Links Awakening on it. :)

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spurgeonryan said:
At my high school one of the professors had some original computer system that played Adventure. Still a fun game to this day. I beleive that is the name. The text rpg. Bbc micro or amiga?

Do you know who made it?  It could be Zork, if not Adventure.  If it had a grue, it was Zork.  A grue creature made more sense than a bottomless pit, was the reasoning of the designer who worked on Zork.  And speaking of grue and text adventures...



mjk45 said:
Mummelmann said:
I had a Commodore 64 and an Amiga 500 after that, good times! I also enjoyed the Atari Lynx, the only handheld I ever liked.

Been playing a lot of PC games since Ultima and Warcraft 1, but Betrayal at Krondor, Stone Prophet and Lands of Lore was what really made me crazy about gaming! And the old Lucasarts classics of course, point & click was da shizzle back in the day.

Betrayal of Krondor I remember worrying about that since i loved the rift war saga , but they did a good job and Fiest who I have met  was pleased .

I replay it once a year, finally found a perfecly working version on Good Old Games! Fantastic game, so advanced and ahead of its time, good combat, incredible story and awesome characters, I have a particular fondness of Jimmy the Hand (then again, all Feist fans do...).

By the way, here is another one involving text adventures. Interested in a new take on a party game? Fire up this party game spin on text adventures, PARSELY!:

When Text Adventure were popular I was too young to understand them. When I was old enough to play them there were graphic adventure like Monkey Island. As a result I have never successfully played beyond "You are in a room with a locked door".

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I thought it was just called Adventure, Richard?

Anyone hear of a retro company called infograms?

By the way? How does everyone feelnabout infocom? What were they'd called? Freelies?

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Was in my local game store the other day and someone had just traded in RE2, RE3, RE Code - Veronica, Twin Snakes and a bunch of other classic GC titles. I was very very tempted to pick them all up, and they were reasonably priced

but... I hesitated for two reasons - 1) I didn't have the spare funds and 2) I most likely would never play them. I still haven't played RE(make) and RE0 on Wii nor my GC versions of Eternal Darkness or Beyond Good and Evil. Criminal I know.

In the end I picked up Midway Classics instead - Joust, SpyHunter, Rampage, Gauntlet, Defender, Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper and about 14 other arcade classics. Joust and SpyHunter are two of my all time favorites and I'm overjoyed to have them at my beck and call and unlike the RE collection, I will play the living hell out of these games.