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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Team Xbox Republic - Sales2099 Is President of Xbox Republic (New Logo. Make sure to use in sig)


Congratulations to King Sales2099

Yay 8 21.62%
Horay 2 5.41%
Hip Hip Horay 7 18.92%
fiddle dee 9 24.32%
woot woot 5 13.51%
I love you <3 6 16.22%

That white banner is so bad ass.

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PDF goes the way of APM for me, you'll be adding psrocks next...

I'd like to shift my vote from Kowen to Sales.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

My vote is now for Sales. Dangerous as that may be....

I'm not really here!

Sweet Banner! Thanks.

Didn't take long to reconsider did it Kowen?

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ironmanDX said:
Sweet Banner! Thanks.

Didn't take long to reconsider did it Kowen?

what do you mean?

I'm not really here!

Wow, that banner is fantastic!


NNID: FrequentFlyer54

If it is possible I want in on this team.

Nice banner and oh snap! Its Man Bear Pig! :O

Sorry BenVTrigger ;(


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If Kow doesn't want the vote then I'd switch mine to Nsanity. Sales2009 is already targeted enough by the other factions lol