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$$ per year?

Under $100 11 9.24%
$100-$200 15 12.61%
$200-$300 12 10.08%
$300-$400 10 8.40%
$400-$500 7 5.88%
$500-$600 6 5.04%
$600-$700 6 5.04%
$700-$800 4 3.36%
The sky's the limit! (More than $800) 12 10.08%
To Infinity and Beyond! (... 36 30.25%
NintendoPie said:
Otakumegane said:
NintendoPie said:
I've never had any limits. I actually buy too many games... then they just sit there, waiting, calling for me...

I guess you don't have a number then?

Hmm, yeah. I just randomly buy games when I have money. It's a quite a bad thing...


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I have none, I just buy games whenever I want one and can afford it. I'd say I buy a average of 1game a month, some months I buy 2, some months I buy 0.

60x12=around 720$ a year.


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nnodley said:
zero129 said:
nnodley said:

You and me both.  I probably have over 15 or so games I have yet to start or finish.

Add me to this list. All someone needs to do is look at my steam list and see how many games i have yet to even start never mind finish x_x

I always tell myself that I'm gonna complete certain games, so I can cut down on the ones I need to play.  But, that never happens.

Thats what i always do too, the worst thing is is when you start playing a game, but then get another game before you finish that one and then start playing that one too, and then when you go back to the other game you dont have a clue whats going on so you ether dont just finish it or have to start again lulz, that ever happen to you?

riderz13371 said:
6.99$ every year is my max.


OT: $100-200 for me. Goes a long way with mixture of steam sales and waiting for price drops on retail boxed copies. For new games i have not payed more than $50 bucks including tax as one can always find preorder deals on such games. I borrow and lend games to my friends so that certainly helps somewhat. 

Current retail games backlog: 10. Current digital games backlog: Who counts these but lots more. 

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It's been in the few hundreds last year. Admittedly I spent way too much on games but I've managed to adopt a budget. I pretty much only buy games for my PS3 (my step dad has all the Halo games and a few other games on xbox so really no xbox exclusives I want). I have a Wii and already have Metroid Prime Trilogy, RE Remake, and Metroid Other M. A few other games interest me but I'll wait on them.

I rarely ever buy games at full price unless it's something I know I will get my moneys worth out of like Skyrim, Fallout, Black Ops, etc. For the most part I wait to buy games on the cheap. Haven't even played RDR. Waiting for the GOTY to drop to 20 bucks. Now that I have Plus my budget is even more limited. I rarely ever go for sales.

$100 - $200 (software wise) on average 2011 and before....

Usually less than that though....

However in the year 2012 I spent....

-$300 on hardware (GFX card + PSU)
-$100 on PS3 software (FFXIII-2, Ico Collection, TTT2, Red Dead Redemption GOTY, and Devil May Cry 4)
-$50 on other (LOZ Skyward Sword + Pokemon White 2 :O)
-$50 on Steam software (numerous games)


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Guess I should make my list for last year
Rented games $2 a pop.
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Rune Factory:Tides of Destiny

Purchased games
Xenoblade $50
KI:Uprising $40
Trine 2 $20 (Gift Nullified)
..That's it. (wow 2012 was a bad year)

WiiU $350 (Needed it)

So $450 in total. 350 of it due to WiiU.

2013 year forecast (Curse these $60 prices)
FE:Awakening $40 (Gift nullified)
MK7 waiting for a sale $30
FE:DLC Plan to use around $10
MH3U $60
1 more WiiU game $60
Birthday WiiU game $60 (Gift nullified)
Christmas 3DS games/game $40 (Gift nullified)

To rent
Rayman Legends
Paper Mario SS
A Prof Layton
...More to come

So bout $170 for 2013, not bad.

(2014 gonna suck up everything.....)

Edit:Gah how can I forget Pokemon? $40. So $210. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Probably around $500 per year, generally consisting of a couple of full price games and a lot of older cheaper titles and off course the odd knick knack here and there.

BaldrSkies said:

I have a really bad habit of buying games even when I don't have time to play them...

No limit, but usually spend around US$2000 per year I would guess? Then again a $60 game can easily retail for $80-100 equivalent in Japan.

Ok I took too long to see this but HOLY CRAP.

(Wait you live in Japan?) Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)