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$$ per year?

Under $100 11 9.24%
$100-$200 15 12.61%
$200-$300 12 10.08%
$300-$400 10 8.40%
$400-$500 7 5.88%
$500-$600 6 5.04%
$600-$700 6 5.04%
$700-$800 4 3.36%
The sky's the limit! (More than $800) 12 10.08%
To Infinity and Beyond! (... 36 30.25%

I for one am in school and work a part-time job as a tutor. Needless to say, I'm not exactly loaded on cash.

Aside from gifts on Christmas, Birthdays, etc.,I try to limit myself to around $150/year. (I usually go over) And rent a lot from the local library for $2 per 2 weeks which is usually enough time to finish the game as long it isn't an RPG.

The amount of $$ for games some people seem to have on this site astound me, I would like to know where exactly is the limit for you guys.


So tell me, what are your "Budgets"?




P.S I'm interested in your answer especially NintendoPie. I wonder how it compares to when I was your age. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

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My gaming budget i dont think i really have one, if i do i never really thought about it lulz xD.

only limit is the games i find that there are usually only 5-6 games at best per year that interest me


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I rarely buy games at full price, I only buy them when I can get the games on the cheap. I rarely spend more than $30 on games on a single month (the very few times when I reach that number are during the Steam sales). I sometimes don't buy any games for a couple of months. So overall I don't think I spend more than $200 a year on games.

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Theoretically no limits.

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Available time to play is my only limit.

Pretty limited. I'm not made of money stacks and have no reason to buy brand new, so most likely less than $150

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I don't have any limit at all. Lately I've been on a game spending spree with ps+ and all the great games coming out soon. I don't need to worry right now because I'm using the boatload of high school graduation open house money that I got last June.

I have a really bad habit of buying games even when I don't have time to play them...

No limit, but usually spend around US$2000 per year I would guess? Then again a $60 game can easily retail for $80-100 equivalent in Japan.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited it seems.

Everything else: If I want it badly: full price. Everything else: $20.