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Forums - Sony Discussion - Are you spending more or less money with PS Plus


Has your spending habit changed with PS Plus

I am spending more due to sales 34 42.50%
I am spending less due to free games 32 40.00%
My purchasing habit has not changed 14 17.50%

After getting PS Plus, mainly for its free games, I have been pouring money every week or two (like 10-20 dollars) on discounted games. These are games i would have otherwise skipped over. I am not a very hardcore player, I touch my PS3 like maybe 2-3 hours per week. I have a huge backlog now...even if the PS4 comes out I may not get it not due to price but mainly due to backlogs... Anyone having same issues?

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More. I'm basically paying $50 a year for a bunch of games I would never have bought otherwise.

Ya my backlog of games is getting ridiculous since I got ps+. I haven't really spent more. I just wait for really good deals to come around.  I have at least 20 games I have yet to finish and still have some games I put in my download list but won't download them till I get caught up. But, it was the best $50 I ever spent.

It is a great deal, I download more than ever... and spend a bit more because of the deals. FUCK YOU XBOX


-Mr Khan

More, for the reasons in the op. Those Sony bastards really put a nice scheme in PS+.

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More, because I still buy what I want and occasionally get things on the PS Store only because Plussers get such good deals.

I spend more. I find myself buying most of the DLC from the games I get from PS Plus if I enjoy them. Also if let's say for example I get the first game of a series from plus. If I enjoy it then I'll get the sequel to that game. Like what happened to me with the recent DarkSiders being free on Plus. I plan on buying Darksiders 2 now.

i am spending less because of free games that we get every month, i spend at least 50% less than last year so psn+ is really good service for me, this is a third time that i subscribed and i do that as long as sony offers it

I just want to see the results, can you put that option?

the free games are very nice. Infamous 2, for example I wanted to play, and glad I got to play it without purchasing it individually. I'm also very glad I got LBP2 for free. Warhammer 40K was a really good game, I would not have played it if I wasn't PS+. I already have Darksiders. I'm very glad I got The Unfinished Swan on sale, it's really good.

I think the majority of the free games from PS+ are games that I would not have played otherwise. The discounts could be better, but maybe that's just because I'm used to Steam sales.

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