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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do people keep saying Nintendo is milking their franchises?

Mario isn't milked! That thing isn't a tit and that stuff oozing from it isn't milk! And no, you shouldn't let your children drink it.

PS Not just Mario, but also the basic scheme of every 2D Super Mario platform is milked a lot.

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And what's funny is, now we see how Sony is trying to milk their franchises as well!

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

List of some new Nintendo series on Nintendo DS :
Daigassō! Band Brothers DX,Nintendogs,Another code,Brain Training, Big Brain academy, Elite Beat Agents,Hotel Dusk,Rhythm Heaven(Oversea), Tomodachi Collcetion(Japan only),The Legendary Starfy(Oversea).

List of some new Nintendo series on Wii :
Wii Series(Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii fit, Wii Sports Resort, Wii fit Plus, Wii Party), Captain Rainbow, Another Code (First home console opus),Rhythm Heaven(First home console opus), Big Brain academy(First home console opus)

It is obvious than those on Wii are more mainstream oriented, but for all that, are they totally uninteresting ?

badgenome said:
Actually, on second thought, the main reason is probably that Nintendo has had such shit third party support. Of the games that people have traditionally associated with Playstation, most of the biggest ones are third party. So thanks to Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and what have you, Sony is freer to focus on its smaller stable of first party IPs without making their whole platform seem like it's just a GodofWarStation.

Yep, I think you nailed it. 

Last gen (wii+ds):

Mario games (platformer): 7
Zelda games: 4

Don't know about the other franchises, but that is a lot.

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DanneSandin said:

And what's funny is, now we see how Sony is trying to milk their franchises as well!

I think I have played that game with the dog with the hat. Does anyone know what game that is from? :D

"Mario games (platformer): 7"

On Nintendo DS : Super Mario 64 DS (HISTORIC PORT!), New Super Mario Bros
On Wii : Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Which are the 2 missing main Mario games ?

runqvist said:

I think I have played that game with the dog with the hat. Does anyone know what game that is from? :D

PaRappa the Rapper.

Microsoft is even worse with 360:
  1. Gears of War - 4 (with Judgement upcoming)
  2. Halo - 4
  3. Forza - 4
  4. Project Gotham Racing - 3
  5. Fable - 3
  6. Dance Central - 3


Maybe someone else already pointed out, but yes Microsoft is the worse of the 3, as they limit the number of franchises they have. Also, im pretty sure there was an Xbox live Fable game in 2D. So you can rise that to 4 if you want.

I do agree though, Nintendo is highly criticised by something that the others seems to do worse. In the case Microsoft is clearly worse. Sony has a habit of creating new franchises every gen since most of them end up failing and they try something new, but i would say that they are the most of the safe side. It all depends on what they reveal for the PS4. If the uncharted series continues or gets axed like Jak series did and if the other series carry on. I guess they milk God of war already though. 2 per system.

Those stats are heavily skewed.

You can't just stick Mario in a cart and claim it to be a different franchise. Also, you're missing quite a few games from the Nintendo list, I'm not a huge Nintendo gamer and even I can see some obvious emissions like Mario Party and Paper Mario. Factor in handhelds and that list is going to look VERY different.

The number of games isn't even the problem either, most of the IPs you listed on the Wii are at least a decade old, whereas the ones in the Sony and Microsoft section are fresh IPs.