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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do people keep saying Nintendo is milking their franchises?

KrspaceT said:
A thought, but overuse is a really subjective question.

I mean I just got reminded Fire Emblem Switch is the 16th entry, yet I hear more people getting on about having 4 New Super Mario Bros games than Fire Emblem titles.

Fire Emblem has also been around since the NES.  

The argument that NSMB was milked is as follows.  Nintendo found a subseries that sold insanely well in its first 2 games.  So it produced 2 more in the same year, neither of which innovated on the prior games or even updated the artstyle much.  The series overnight became seen as little more than an uninspired lazy cash grab and was run into the ground.  It's closer to what you see with likes of COD or Assassin's Creed than something like Fire Emblem, which is still fairly niche.  The majority of FE titles still haven't seen any western releases.

Although NSMB still only has 1 entry per system.  If NSMB2 and U had not come out in the same year and if U had had more levels that were as inspired as the Van Ghoh level the series would not be called milked and would probably still be going strong.

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It's not so much they milk franchises although some are getting into the double digits in the not so distant future. It is more that they milk characters and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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freebs2 said:
Aeolus451 said:
That's because it's true. Nintendo doesn't really create that many new IPs in a gen. They make new additions to their main IPs and make off-shoots of those. It works for them but it alienates gamers who want new IPs or more mature games.

It's true. Only Nintendo has the conceit to take an old character , change the setting, add a sidekick and pretend it's something new.

Well I prefer that to taking a game, switch out the protagonist and calling it a new IP

And damn that's an old thread with a weird OP writer