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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do people keep saying Nintendo is milking their franchises?

Because they are. They have been making Mario and Zelda games and spin offs for 7 generations now.

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I never understood that type of mentality either. :P What's the problem with Nintendo using their ips a lot?

It would really be that different if they used anthropomorphic elefants or something instead of Mario characters during the development of Super Mario Kart on the SNES? Or a nameless hero on that Zelda spin-off for the Wii, Link's crossbow training?

I don't think so. I much rather race with Mario and his friends though, personally.

(BTW, what a old thread! XD)

New IPs: Arms, 1 2 Switch, Labo

Milked IPs: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8

..........why is the milking bad again?

KLXVER said:

New IPs: Arms, 1 2 Switch, Labo

Milked IPs: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8

..........why is the milking bad again?

It is bad because is not their favourite company doing it. See how that people get excited for iterations of certain franchises with even the same artstyle and gameplay.


It all resumes to company's name.

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This would be bad if they were bad games but no, they are great games and most people still enjoy them. So I hope Nintendo keeps milking their franchises forever :D

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Simply put gow us a rehash if prince of persia but with different chars and setting.
And every anno is aoe or civ
And every jrpg shooter etc

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Lol, a blast thread from the past.

It is true that Nintendo often use most of their IPs, but if don't correctly, that's not a bad thing. If said games are spread out over a fair amount of time and make changes to following games, then it's fine I feel. They manage to feel new and fresh when introducing new mechanics and ideas, like what we've seen with various Mario and Zelda games for example.

When a series becomes a yearly series with a similar feel to previous games, that's when it can become problematic by becoming stale and repetitive.



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A thought, but overuse is a really subjective question.

I mean I just got reminded Fire Emblem Switch is the 16th entry, yet I hear more people getting on about having 4 New Super Mario Bros games than Fire Emblem titles.

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Each company has it's iconic characters that are really good for marketing, they milk characters, not franchises.

Xbox doesn't really have that luxury, we just got Masterchief, Steve (Minecraft), and possibly Ori when they start rapidly marketing the sequel.

I don't see much wrong with this, we all love these franchises, and the more of them we see, the better for us. I wish they did more collabs like in Super Bomber Man R, Mario Rabbids, Fallout 4 cars in Forza 6, FFXV and Halo vehicles in Forza Horizon 3.

This is all a good thing. The more Mario the better.

I'm still waiting for a new Super Mario Bros and Pokemon title.

Jealously thats all there is to it.