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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do people keep saying Nintendo is milking their franchises?

Hi guys,

(pardon my english)

I think Nintendo gets way too much negativity the last few years, especially on the internet. I decided to discuss one of the thing a lot people consider a problem from Nintendo's side while it's not.

The difference between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is that Nintendo has many more years in the game industry (30 years) while Sony (18 years) and Microsoft (11 years) significantly less. Therefore Nintendo produced way more games and franchises and because of this it looks to be milked. But to get to the point, we must look at the games Sony and Microsoft released on their lastest generation home consoles.

Games released on N64:

  1. Super Mario - 1
  2. Mario Kart - 1
  3. Zelda - 2
  4. Fire Emblem - 0
  5. Metroid - 0
  6. Wario - 0
  7. Animal Crossing - 1 (Japan only)
  8. Super Smash Bros - 1

Games released on the Gamecube:

  1. Super Mario - 1
  2. Mario Kart - 1
  3. Zelda - 2
  4. Fire Emblem - 1
  5. Metroid - 2
  6. Wario - 1
  7. Animal Crossing - 1
  8. Super Smash Bros. - 1
Games released on the Wii:
  1. Super Mario - 2
  2. Mario Kart - 1
  3. New Super Mario Bros. - 1
  4. Zelda- 1
  5. Fire Emblem - 1
  6. Metroid - 2
  7. Wario - 1
  8. Animal Crossing - 1
  9. Super Smash Bros - 1
I think you already know where I'm heading. The following numbers are very contradicting to the idea Nintendo milking their games.
Games released on the Playstation 3:
  1. Uncharted - 3
  2. Resistance - 3
  3. Killzone - 2
  4. God of War - 2
  5. LittleBigPlanet - 2
  6. Motorstorm - 3
Microsoft is even worse with 360:
  1. Gears of War - 4 (with Judgement upcoming)
  2. Halo - 4
  3. Forza - 4
  4. Project Gotham Racing - 3
  5. Fable - 3
  6. Dance Central - 3

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Yep, Sony and Microsoft release more games per series in a single generation than Nintendo does. Nintendo usually makes one game (sometimes 2 or more) for each IP every generation.  Nintendo has more successful IPs that covers a wide range of genres.

The problem is Mario as a character (and some of the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom). Because he appears on so many games (Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, etc) it gives the thought that he's being used a lot even though the games are completely different genres.

Nintendo milks the Mario character, they don't milk anything else.

Nintendo and PC gamer

Well I think people say that because Nintendo isn't making new IP's but rather just continuing their successful franchises such as Mario Zelda etc. Of the 6 franchises you mentioned for the PS3, 3 of them are brand new IP's/franchises. Then you look at Nintendo and you see Mario Mario Mario Metroid get it. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it's the reason as to why people keep saying Nintendo is milking their franchises, in my opinion.

I have no problem with Nintendo continuing their franchises through several generations. In fact, I'm glad they do. The problem is the fact that their traditional games take up a large portion of their overall output. Continuing older IPs is fine, but it should be balanced with a certain amount of new IPs. Unfortunately for many people, Nintendo aren't balancing their old IPs with enough new IPs.

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Who is this? Who just got banned?

Two reasons I think

1. Nintendo usually utilizes their characters for spin offs moreso than other company. Mario Tennis and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics may be completely different than Mario Galaxy, but some people still just see Mario.

2. Nintendo's franchises have been around so long that it feels like the franchises are a lot larger than they are. There have only been 8 console Zelda titles (and four swords), but the franchise still feels larger than that because it's been around and it's been relevant for 25+ years. It's more a matter of constant exposure than milking.

pezus said:
Who is this? Who just got banned?

I started this thread but for whatever reason my avatar isn't displayed. I also don't find this one in My Threads...

I understand your point, but ... Mario. They brand so many things as Mario. I'm surprised Pikman wasn't a game where you control a bunch of miniature Mario pawns. I'd bet anything it was considered. And how Animal Crossing escaped Mario branding I'm not sure. Mario Crossing sounds so very Nintendo. Honestly, that's a read turn-off for me, especially since the Mario characters are so flat and uninspired. It just feels like a complete absence of creativity.

 I guess I shouldn't argue with success, though. I think it's entered Pavlovian territory at this point. People would buy a Mario game about mucking out stables or sorting garbage and they would decide they liked the game even before they played it. I'm sure Sony or Microsoft would love to have a brand they could exploit to that level.

 It just seems kind of blah to me to start with "OK we need to make another Zelda game, any ideas?" or "someone had a good idea for a game, let's make it a Mario title".  You know? I don't necessarily blame Nintendo for milking those cows but it's not a practice that appeals to me, either.

It's not so much milking franchises so much as it is milking characters.

Though, I can't fault them for it. If Sony or MS had characters nearly as iconic as Mario or Link or Luigi or Donkey Kong etc etc, they'd do it too.