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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dead Space 3 Includes Microtransactions (Real Money) to Improve Weapons - EA did it!

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Oh well DeadSpace was fun while it lasted :(

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Video games should aspire to something greater than this. The more we pay for subscriptions, and DLC, and online passes, and micro-transactions, the quicker the final product loses its integrity.

From a philosophical standpoint, I don't like it. No, rather, I despise the very idea. It's like buying a model kit then paying someone else to put it together for you. Sure, it's complete, but you missed the entire point of the damned thing coming in kit form in the first place. Maybe the next game that comes out I'll pay someone to play it for me with my account.

From a practical standpoint, it totally depends on how the system is designed. If it's constructed around completing the game in legitimate fashion first, with the pay-to-win options tacked on, then fine. If it's designed to funnel people into needing to pay, they can burn in hell. Even if this particular game doesn't work that way, this is still EA we're talking about, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to know that a touch of that premise has crept into the design process and might possibly escalate in future titles.

Honestly, though I have plenty of disdain for EA and systems like this, the real annoyance I feel is for the gamers who use functions like this--if they can even be called gamers. It wouldn't be in the game if people weren't using it.

well.. Preorder = cancelled

It was only a matter of time before E.A. did this and it's disgusting. I can't believe people are ok with this, it's a very slippery slope and E.A. spring down the path to nickel and dime consumers just like they do with dlc that they hold from the game to sell later.

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KylieDog said:
yum123 said:
this model is completely fine. as long as a payment model doesnt stop you from doing things then its fine. like in mass effect 3 and fifa 13. EA are on to something. I will never buy DLC myself but the options there if you want. As long as they keep it an option who cares.

It diminishes the accomplishment of other players, as well cheapens their own personal experience.

Not many people managed Dead Space 2 on Hardcore, if you beat it you know your were one of few ho got that trophy/achievement.   On Dead Space 3 who cares because anyone can just buy their way to victory.

Uncharted 3 did something equally as stupid, you can now pay to unlock everything in the multiplayer, so where as you got the option to spend 30 hours farming treasures in certain game types, you can just unlock the reward for 99p.

Who is going to farm those treasures now?  30 hours of life vs 99p, hmm, tough one.  Those 30 hours may have been worth it if you ended up as one of the few people with the unlocked reward to use, but when everyone can now just 99p unlock it, why bother?

thats entirely subjective though. I dont feel that way at all. at least theres choice and in my mind thats what matters

Don't fight the future
You need as much money as you can get in a time where people only buy CoD and nothing else.
They need as much money as they can get from the people who actually play and buy other games that are actually expensive to make and aren't copy+paste.
You wanted it like this and now you get it.Don't hate them for only doing what they have to do to survive and create new IPs.

And as long as it is just optional stuff that isn't a reason you will miss important parts of the game there is nothing to fear of.
Its like in League of Legends or the now "soft" released Path of Exile on PC - They are F2P,the best games in their genre and have an item shop.Those item shops only contain Skins and colours for Characters.
They make tons of money cause people don't feel forced to buy them but see it as a nice option they want to use.
Its simple psychology.

EA is one of the first to bring this model in a way on consoles.
Fifa and some other games have this thing for a damn long time and no one complained cause they aren't forced to buy those "Card Packs" in Ultimate team on Fifa with M$/PSN Points...but they do.EA is making millions with it as they said.
These systems are a nice way to make money.
And an other model that will soon be introduced to the wide public are kickstarter projects in a big way.
So they see what they need to survive and finance the game and what they people want in terms of content...You pay you get more.
No high risks anymore with making the game first and hoping people pay for it later.Beginning with NextGen the costs of developing AAA games rise even more.Be prepared.
Especially in a time where Publishers force developers to make only copy+paster shooters or anything else that is right now popular with the kids.

EA thats a shit move. Part of the fun of games is trying to find upgrade parts etc. You lose that experience if you just buy them. I shall not purchase any of these upgrades.

RedInker said:
EA thats a shit move. Part of the fun of games is trying to find upgrade parts etc. You lose that experience if you just buy them. I shall not purchase any of these upgrades.

Exactly. You would see someone on a forum who happened to have a very rare weopon and wonder how they got it. Now they'll just say: 'I bought it.' Oh, the joy.

Im going 2 purchase this game but im really not a fan of Devs doing stuff like this.


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