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From a philosophical standpoint, I don't like it. No, rather, I despise the very idea. It's like buying a model kit then paying someone else to put it together for you. Sure, it's complete, but you missed the entire point of the damned thing coming in kit form in the first place. Maybe the next game that comes out I'll pay someone to play it for me with my account.

From a practical standpoint, it totally depends on how the system is designed. If it's constructed around completing the game in legitimate fashion first, with the pay-to-win options tacked on, then fine. If it's designed to funnel people into needing to pay, they can burn in hell. Even if this particular game doesn't work that way, this is still EA we're talking about, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to know that a touch of that premise has crept into the design process and might possibly escalate in future titles.

Honestly, though I have plenty of disdain for EA and systems like this, the real annoyance I feel is for the gamers who use functions like this--if they can even be called gamers. It wouldn't be in the game if people weren't using it.