Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: PS3 will double WiiU in sales until E3 (PS3 leading 4.2:1)

How will this battle end (Dec 30th-Jun 7th, vgchartz)?

PS3 will more than double WiiU sales 99 62.26%
PS3 will double WiiU sales 13 8.18%
S3 will sell ~50% more than WiiU 7 4.40%
PS3 and WiiU will sell the same (essentially) 10 6.29%
WiiU will sell 50% more than PS3 8 5.03%
WiiU will double PS3 sales 13 8.18%
Other 9 5.66%

@pezus- I think is safe to say that u were correct on ur prediction

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I've been neglecting this thread. I will only go with a short update now on how it stands overall.

PS3 leads WiiU 4.2 to 1

Somebody update this for me while I'm away. I have a feeling it will be close to 5:1. Could anyone have guessed it?

PS3: 3,877,746

Wii U: 899,127


First page is kind of funny in retrospect.  I wonder how different things would have been if the thread had been a week later when the post holiday drop had been fully realized.

Wii U failed us. Now that Pezus has been even more enlightened in Thailand, I wonder what he will predict next?

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Looking back, it's kind of odd how much optimism there was for the Wii U. I mean, there wasn't that much, but there were some pretty bold predictions out there.

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Damn, my prediction was terrible :P. But Thailand has showed me the way and helped me become a better man. Prepare for a next gen prediction

the_dengle said:
I wouldn't be surprised to see the PS3 outsell the Wii U for the first half of the year, but I doubt it'll sell double. I especially doubt that Wii U won't even sell 2 million hardware units by June 7th.

Whatever the case from now till June, here it is in writing for you: Wii U will be the best-selling home console of 2013.

Still think so?

Update? 3:1 for the year isn't out of the question at all.