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this is the thread,good one

we are quite high on everything especially the WiiU,the mr average can be misleading if there are crazy predicitons though can't it

we still got some heavy sales to come hopefully

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@ pezus

Bottom line is my computer is garbage.

my wii u predictions were probably way off.

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This done yet? or one more week.

Yeah, we just have one more week of sales to add on (Globally) in order to put this up. However, I think it's pretty clear most over-estimated almost everything. Not unexpected, but disappointing.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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This ready to review now?

Also is there a 2014 equivalent?

My hope for Wii U's future at the beginning of last year was sickening. In fact, everyone's was!

No more will I give the Wii U the benefit of the doubt.

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