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Forums - Gaming Discussion - My Video Games setup/collection (updated 2/13)

painmaster212 said:
I have a big collection myself but the only reason mine falls short of yours is because i want everything boxed and in great shape so i have to pay more for each game sadly :( and i dont display my non boxed stuff unless it goes with a theme, such as my snes games i have roughly 200 of these non boxed sitting in a crate in my closet and nearly 100 nes game as well in the same crate lol

Boxed stuff just appeals to me so much more for some odd reason.


I do unstand that there are some who love to collect only boxed games. For me it doesn't make sense how a game is worth 4 times more when it comes with a cardboard box and instructions. That's the reason why I took all my Nes, Snes, N64 and GBA box and instruction and sold them on ebay. I got $45 for only the box and instruction Chrono Trigger.

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S.Peelman said:
bonkers555 said:
S.Peelman said:

Pfff. This is nothin'. You don't even have Odyssey2 games .

Seriously though, looks pretty awesome! I have a 'wide' collection myself spanning an 'above-average' amount of consoles, but none are even remotely as heavily supported as yours.

Let's see... I think my GameBoy and PS1 (by the looks of it, those next to DS are PS1 right?) collection are the only ones that come closest to yours. In contrast though, I only have like 5 Mega Drive games and the relative difference is about the same for all the other consoles too .

Like I said, very nice .

I used to have about only current games only in my home and rest store in the garage. Early last year someone broke into my garage and stole ALL my PS1, Sega CD, Sega 32X and Sega Saturn games. They took about 450 games from my collection and I was PISSED. Talk to my wife into bringing all of my video games back into house until we figure out a better securtiy for the garage. One of the worst day of my life. :(

Ah man, that sucks big time. Especially since Sega CD and 32X games are fairly valuable these days. It's also a pain to get it all back (ignoring the costs) too if you'd want Do you want to 'restore' your collection?

PS1 games are really not too bad because I can re-purchase them from the PSN store for around $6 each rather then paying over $40 for some games. I'm trying to restore the Sega stuff though but won't do until next gen.

bonkers555 said:

updated 2/13

You're not suppose to necrob....HOLY HELL!

Awesome collection dude! :) And I thought my DVD rack and bookshelf filled with games was decent. Your collection is amazing!

my n64 is missing :(

it's nothing to yours though XD

WOW WOW WOW that's... well that's... lol no word to describe.


 PS. I have one similar but with Mangas (less units of course).

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I have found one I can compare to.

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That is...bonkers^^

Really awsome collection. Have you played every single game?

that's just 2 hardcore for me. I would'nt have anytime to play a fraction of those games. I have 5 ps3 games and 5 3Ds games and I don't play those all that much.

outlawauron said:
I have found one I can compare to. <3

Awesome! Do you own a lot of the retro or more current games?

KHlover said:
That is...bonkers^^

Really awsome collection. Have you played every single game?

Nope. I think I have played about 50-60% of my collection. I'm still working games from last gen, currently playing PS2 Growlancer Heritage.