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Forums - Gaming Discussion - My Video Games setup/collection (updated 2/13)

What does your wife or gf say about this? 95% of my stuff is boxed away...


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Nice pics!!! many hours of fun...

Incredible selection. You must be proud. I hope to have the same once I finish my masters and get a job

impressive collection... whats the % of games you actually play? (start to finish)??

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bonkers555 said:
Andrespetmonkey said:
O_O You must make more than superchunk

Nope. Currently unemployed. And I'm not kidding.

What is funding this beast of a setup then?

I like the setup you have with your T.V. then Xbox to X360, PS2 to PS3. Plus the WiiU tablet in the corner with controllers below that. The organization is really cool.

Anyways that is a lot of games lol Developers must love you haha


Have you ever sat down and not be in the mood to play any of those games?