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Posting from my new Wii U.
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well i add all the guys in the list please add me too :)

34 years playing games.


My Nintendo Network ID is Joaquincito :D

My id is: shiack

Teriol said:
well i add all the guys in the list please add me too :)

What's your NNID so I can add you to the list?

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Add me i need friends!!! In game is Daddyc but i think my network name is cmcclora

ID: Captainaussie

Add if you like :)

Americas, and I'm still Salnax. I'll add some of you guys later.

Love and tolerate.

I.D. : tuggy24g


I only have New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land and Assassin's Creed 3 as of now but plan to get a few more once I've played these out.

I added everyone on the list so if anyone wants to add me it should work.

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