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Finally got my Wii U, my Nintendo Network ID is Zap786

WiiU/Wii/3DS/DS/Xbox360/PS3/PSP Owner 
3DS FC: 1032-1246-9162  (Nacho)
Nintendo Network ID: Zap786
If you add me, please let me know to add you back

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Finally got internet connection! Network ID - Rick1987 :)


NN ID: Mako91

Feel free to add me, if you know who I am. :P

Nintendo still doomed?
Feel free to add me on 3DS or Switch! (PM me if you do ^-^)
Nintendo ID: Mako91                  3DS code: 4167-4543-6089

Please add me! My new Nintendo Network ID is GuiD3001!

Gonna do some adding today.

Anyway, I played Arkham City on the 360 and Wii U at the same time, doing my own "Digital Foundry" type thingy. AC is installed on my 360's HDD, for the record. Anyhoo, there was definitely a noticeable improvement on the Wii U side of things. The game just looked sharper and less jaggy and items in the background looked more solid (like tables and windows). The Wii U had to stream from the disc and, as a result, there was a noticeable stutter when you zoomed over the city. Just wanted to post that somewhere since I was expecting the Wii U version to look worse--based on some reviews.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

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ID: Disposeddata

finally got my wii u, my id is emad64, and i'll add everyone in this page and in the first page

Yay I finally got a WiiU too! :)

My NN ID is: Cheebee

Nintendo Network ID: Cheebee   3DS Code: 2320 - 6113 - 9046


Cheebee said:

Yay I finally got a WiiU too! :)

My NN ID is: Cheebee

You have friend requests turned off. If you go to settings in Miiverse you can change it so you can receive friend requests

If you go to Miiverse then tap User Menu then Settings/Other then Miiverse Settings that is where it is

Got a huge list of people to add! :)
If you see a DélioPT, it`s me!