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Do you have a have a Vita? If not why?

Yes, I have one and I'm enjoying it 113 25.92%
Yes, but I'm still waiti... 33 7.57%
No, but I'm buying one this fall 19 4.36%
No, I'm already got a 3D... 59 13.53%
No, waiting for more qual... 40 9.17%
No, the price is too high... 80 18.35%
No, I'm not interested in Handheld gaming 31 7.11%
No, its going to be disco... 59 13.53%

Quick question - Is vita region locked?

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I am at the brink of buying a VITA just for Uncharted and Assassins Creed. But I haven't even finished my PSP backlog and after the last generation I hesitate to buy a new console in the first years. I am somehow expecting that there will be a remodelling soon and that accompanied with a price cut.

Yesterday I already had the AC Bundle in my shopping basket on Amazon but I didn't like the Idea of only having a download voucher. I am not a big fan of digital download. I don't know, maybe I should just wait for another year until some more games are available. I hope that Square-Enix will support the VITA... they brought some amazing games like Birth by Sleep, Dissida and Crisis Core to the PSP.

I only play Nintendo handhelds, yet I also don't have a 3DS...yet.



MRKs said:
Quick question - Is vita region locked?

No i think it's region free like PS3 was

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