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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Donkey Kong Country Games To Be Removed From Wii Virtual Console

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What do you think about this?

I already have the entire... 13 56.52%
Maybe it is a complete di... 2 8.70%
Maybe it is for preparati... 4 17.39%
Developer/Rights trouble 4 17.39%
KylieDog said:

Aren't the Kremlins Rare owned, also the reason they weren't in DKCR on Wii?

I don't like the article very much, but here it is anyway: link

tl;dr: Nintendo owns everything.

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Hope it just means that they are doing HD remakes, classic games such as the Country Trilogy should have some form of representation for those that missed the original releases.

I'd hate to pay full price for the game again, even HD but I hope to see something of Donkey Kong in the future.