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i used to get those magazines, this is bs ofcourse


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I think there are some ways I'd be OK with advertising in games. Like when you start up a game it could run a 20 second ad along with the company logos and what not, before the "press start" screen or the menus show. Or in a little video screen on multiplayer waiting lists...

If it actually paused your game every half hour or so to show you a 30 second ad on doritos that would suck.

I don't see any problem with in-game ads as long as they are just billboards in-game or stuff like that. Many games already do that and I hardly notice

Chandler said:
Totaldemon said:

New PS4 details from PSM3 Magazine:

Amazing graphics, around 450 euros (500 US$) , no BC comp with ps3 games, no used games-online pass-protection system, "in-game" ads ( AKA DORITOS AND MNT DEW ), no ps4 name prob playstation orbis or something else because 4 in japanese is prunounced like the word "death", paid premium service PlayStation Plus, PS4 should be shipped with a PS Move, Games need to be registered to PlayStation Network account.

etc etc link to read the rest

no used games-online pass-protection system


Games need to be registered to PlayStation Network account


So no Online Passes but complete devaluation of a registered game towards any potential second hand buyer.


Edit: Also, concerning the 4 means death thing. I was born on 4/14/1984

oMG you're going to die! :(

wait I'm born on the 4th of december! :O

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

"4th Used games are not readily run on the PS4."

BS, Sony would lose more than gain with this.

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There's a new word for 4 that the Japanese use now. Sony would be better off with full digital library along side retail than to eliminate used games as they would avoid backlash while gaining digital sales power like they are doing with the Vita.

This is just every rumor we've heard over the last few years bundled together, this is nothing.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

If this is all true, Sony really is doomed. Fortunately, it probably isn't. I don't think Sony is dumb enough to keep hedging their bets on the move.

As others have said, if they decide to implement an anti 2nd hand games feature, they can say goodbye to success. And I would never buy a console with ads.

Games being registered isn't a problem, and PS3 BC is something to be expected given that they are going with a completely different architecture.

Also from that link,

The console will use an AMD Accelerated Processor (4 cores). The chip carries the code name "Liverpool" and is produced in a 28-nanometer process.

Where is this coming from? The rumors talked about an 8-core chip, and now it's a 4-core one? And AMC CPUs are made by Global Industries which doesn't have a 28nm fab process yet.

The only hardware related "info" that I can believe to be true is Sony going with 16GB of Flash storage, for the lower model.

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i don't know for the japanese but in china. the number 4 have almost the same pronunciation as the word death (actually the tone is not the same). that's why people try to avoid it for their phone or car id number.

But we must first concentrate ourselves on the way to entertain people, for video games to live. Else, it's a world where sales representative will win, which has as effect to kill creativity. I want to say to the creators all around the world:"Courage, Dare!". Shigeru Miyamoto.

The Japanese have two words for 4. Shi (which is the word for death) and youn (probably spelled it incorrectly). The same with 7 it contains shi(chi) so there is a second word for it also, nana.