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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Most Wanted Namco Characters in Super Smash Bros Wii U


What Namco Characters do you want to see most

Pacman 29 23.39%
Goku, Gohan 34 27.42%
Digimon 11 8.87%
Tekken 6 4.84%
Klonoa 9 7.26%
Soul Caliber 12 9.68%
Dig Dug 3 2.42%
other 20 16.13%

Pac-man maybe with a (helicopter hat). Make him a "kool" character and laugh a lot in the game.

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-Klonoa (maybe)

Cant think of a character from Tekken, Soul Calibur or Tales but someone from those series would help as well.


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Only Pacman. Most other Namco characters wouldn't fit.

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Emil from Tales of Symphonia 2. I want to Falcon Punch that bastard so badly.

Taki from Soul Calibur would be cool. Taki vs ZS Samus would be the fight of forever. *_*

Lloyd Irving hands down
In a distant second place, Klonoa

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I forgot about Megaman but he would be another good fit

JayWood2010 said:
I forgot about Megaman but he would be another good fit

That's Capcom, but it's also my number 1 wish.

Dig Dug. or Mr. Driller

Lloyd irving of course.

JayWood2010 said:
The only problem I see with saiyans is that they can fly. They would have to take that away from them in order for it to work.

No saiyan will be included. However, Pit can also fly, and they limited his ability, it shouldn't be a problem. But again, no saiyan will be included.