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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS2 2001 sales numbers vs PS3 2008 sales numbers =)

I think this is a very interesting comparison and hope you continue to follow it.

16 Million is a strech for me but we will be seeing a very equivalent and excellent slate of title on the the PS3 this year compared to the PS2 reference year.

If price could come closer to the $299 the PS2 is at, and if we do see the new Final Fantasy then we probably would see similar sales. As it is I don't think those will happen so I am expecting slighter lower sales. 11-14 million for 2008.

While it is facing competitors already, being the best tech slightly offsets that. The biggest advatage is that it's strongest market, Europe, has grown rapidly in ternm of potentiol video game customers and still has the biggest room to grow.

Final* Word on Game Delays:

The game will not be any better or include more content then planned. Any commnets that say so are just PR hogwash to make you feel better for having to wait.

Delays are due to lack of proper resources, skill, or adequate planning by the developer.

Do be thankful that they have enough respect for you to delay the game and maintain its intended level of quality.

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If you're going to make an argument CrazzyMan, you should probably do some basic research first:

  • The PS2 launched on March 4th 2000 in Japan, October 26th 2000 in North America,and November 24th 2000 in Europe and was heavily supply limited until mid 2001.
  • January 2001 represents the PS2's first year in ALL regions
  • It would be far more accurate to compare January 2002 numbers for the PS2 to January 2008 numbers for the PS3.


Also, the PS2 did have competition in it's first year - the dreamcast.

lol dreamcast

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it's ok, hope is the last thing to loose

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i think ps3 will do good this year but not enough to match ps2's,even though 2001 was probably ps2's worst year sales wise

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Played_Out said:
Also, the PS2 did have competition in it's first year - the dreamcast.

this is the year dreamcast died

tag:"reviews only matter for the real hardcore gamer"

crazy's problem is that he has a viewpoint (ps3 will do well) and searches out data that can support it

the better method is to look at the data and draw conclusions from it

looking at all the data out there wouldn't lead someone to conclude that ps3 is gonna pwn

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While I'd love to see the PS3 sell 16 million, I just don't see it happening.