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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Metroid Other M any good?

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Should RedInker buy Metroid Other M?

Yep! 79 72.48%
Nah 27 24.77%

Hi guys. I was in Asda the other day and saw that they have Metroid Other M for £10. Is it worth getting? I have never played a Metroid game in all my life. So is this game worth getting to introduce me to the franchise? Or is there a better game I should start on? Let me know what you think? Cheers guys.

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Ignore the main story, enjoy the gameplay.

As a metroid game is horrible.
As a game alone is ok.

RolStoppable said:
You are the guy with low standards, right? You should enjoy it.

No matter how you slice it though, this game isn't a good introduction to Metroid as a series, because it's so different to the rest.

Apparantly so.

It probably one of the best examples of how bad Japanese writing translates to western audiences and one of the better adventure games on the Wii. I've seen it go for $5 new from many retailers and it's easily worth a purchase at that price and then you can form your own opinion. The hard mode difficulty is unlocked once you beat the game which is unfortunate since that should have been the game's default difficulty, but that is just my opinion.

don't waste time

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For 10$, yes, deffinatly YES. Other M is a rly good game overall with some flaws. I prefer the Prime series but I enjoyed the game and for only 10$ its a GREAT value.

As for an introduction to the franchise, I think if you have no plan on playing Super Metroid, Other M is a good introduction cause it indroduces what happened during Super Metroid with Mother Brain and the Baby. It also has (unlike prime) the traditional sidescrolling gameplay elements that the franchise is known for.


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For 10 quid? Definitely. Even if we dodge around the... dodgy story, the game's main problem is that it's only about 8 hours long.

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Mr Khan said:
For 10 quid? Definitely. Even if we dodge around the... dodgy story, the game's main problem is that it's only about 8 hours long.

Including the hours of cutscene?

Love and tolerate.

A lot of what makes the game great, or did for me anyway were all the references to enemies for the old side scrolling games, even the newer gba games. So if you haven't played metroid before this obviously will be lost on you, however at its core its a pretty fun game, like others have said though because its so different to other metroids with more an actions focus its not a good intro to the series.

I actually like this game very much. If you ignore the whole Adam Malkovich bullshit the story is decent, too. The game plays excellent but sometimes they kinda forget to tell you that some vital gadgets are's definitely worth it for 10 pounds but maybe not as an entry point into the metroid series? I would say get Super Metroid for an emulator and play this first.

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