Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Does anyone have the new game "Dust: An Elysian Tail"?

it's available since yesterday if i'm not wrong and i think the game looks great and as xbox-arcade game, it seems to be worth the money for that size:

ign says:

"The world of Dust is overflowing with hidden treasures, secret areas, and a series of challenge maps designed to test your skills to the max. It'll take most players 12-15 hours to roll the credits while doing a minimum of exploration and backtracking, while completionists who want to 100% every area can easily push past the 20-hour mark, lending Dust: An Elysian Tail immense value for its $15 price tag."

so, does anyone have it and can give some impressions? have no points atm and will maybe buy some for it.


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Holy shit. After watching the first half of the trailer, I thought I had a serious reason to pull out my 360 after months of not playing it.


After watching the rest of the trailer, it is no longer a consideration. I'm buying this later today.

yeah as xbox game it doesn't get the hype here that's why you maybe did not even hear of it^^ as playstation game you would have some threads about it with many going crazy.

some impressions would be great!

I've seen it advertised on the xbox dash... didn't think much of it... until the trailer. The game looks slick and badass, I'll try out the trial, perhaps buy it later if its as good as it looks.

It is simply one of the best XBLA games. Took me around 15 hours to complete it (117%) and I was not bored for a month; Also a lot of the hidden stuff is amazing and make you feel very nostalgic :).


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The demo was pretty epic and the animation was top notch. This month has been surprisingly expensive thanks to a bunch of unexpectedly good titles. Before, I had no plans to buy anything. Now, Sleeping Dogs, New Super Mario, Deadlight (It's awesome to me!), The Last Story, and now this game.

This and Sound Shapes will have to wait. I can't buy/play everything.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

I have about 1900 MS points which was original for Deadlight or Hybrid, but I'll wait on those two. I might buy this, but I was thinking about getting Counter Strike:GO. I have never played a CS game, and I've only heard good things about the franchise.

Wasn't this a 'Dream Build Play' winner?

yup, the guy is an ex-epic developer and won the award. He got 40k USD cash and now a part of the money spent on this game. He is probably making a lot of money right now.

The game is 15 USD and will at least sell 200k - 300k. So even 2-3% for him would be more than enough to make a living. How much does a developer get?!

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

I got the game a few days ago: it looks great and is fun to play. The dialogue is a bit annoying though..

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