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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kingdom Hearts 3D or Kid Icarus: Uprising?

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What should I buy?

Kid Icarus 54 41.22%
Kingdom Hearts 23 17.56%
Neither 1 0.76%
Both! 38 29.01%
Pfft get a Wii U instead! 15 11.45%
kopstudent89 said:
mysticwolf said:
Kid Icarus, unless you like totally dig RPGs.

I don't, but KH is not a traditional RPG... is it?

Well, not really. You actually control the character's action isntead of you telling them what to do and them doing it. I like it this way better.

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Ok judging from the poll and comments, I'll start off with Kid Icarus, and maybe when it gets cheaper, I'll get KH3D sometime in the future. Thanks guys!

Kid Icarus is the best game on 3DS so go for that one. Controls take about an hour to get used to though.

Kingdom Hearts is alright. Kid Icarus is fantastic. Buy it. Buy it now. Buy two copies.

Correct me if I', wrong but didn't Kid Icarus hurt people's hands, like a lot?

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kingdom hearts 3d was my first KH and it was fantastic. I put 80 hours into the first play through, and now i'm proud mode. It is more than worth it, but you might be able to get both, best buy is running a buy one get 1 1/2 but i'm not sure if it ended today or not

HulkWasRight said:
Correct me if I', wrong but didn't Kid Icarus hurt people's hands, like a lot?

It doesn't hurt your hands, the problem is that it's almost unplayeable (at least to me), no because it hurts but for the control scheme.

I tried to like Kid Icarus, but it failed in the gameplay department. I'd choose KH

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