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Signalstar said:
The last MH game would have sold a lot more on the PSP than it did on the 3DS.

On the other hand, it gave Capcom a fairly inexpensive opportunity to create a Monster Hunter fanbase on a handheld with several more years of life ahead of it.

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Eh,even xbox 360 has its own monster hunter,how can people think vita will be left out?

Well, they moneyhatted the entire company then... because so far only two ports of Fighting games have been announced for Vita, while 3DS is getting a lot of love.

Super Street Fighter 4
2 new Resident Evil
1 upgraded Monster Hunter plus 1 new MH
EX Troopers

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney - I think Capcom is making the story
Project X-Zone

And even "games" like Megaman Legends 3 that was killed not because of the 3DS show support
Capcom is simply giving more trust to 3DS than Vita.

In my mind, it's clear that it isn't 100% a moneyhat. Capcom was likely shopping around for a way to avoid having to do a PS3 version once they figured out how much it would cost, and looked to the Wii as having similar assets to what they had already developed, so that they would not have to spend that much for Tri. Remember that it wasn't until around the year 2008 that Monster Hunter became a really big deal, well within the timeframe for when Tri came to the Wii (development-wise), so it likely wasn't really worth moneyhatting before that. Nintendo became much more accommodating as the development process went on and MH's popularity increased apace, developing things like the Classic Controller Pro, and running the Western advertising campaign. It was easier for Nintendo to push for 3DS exclusivity for the next numbered entry after that point.

tldr: it wasn't Nintendo just knocking on Capcom's door with a sack of Yen in hand, but it does involve significant input on Nintendo's part, more than they've done for other games or other third parties in the past.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Why wouldn't Capcom give more support to Nintendo, the DS ruled Japan and the 3DS is its successor, its only logical for them to trust it more.

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I like how people think the only option is for it to be exclusive to one system.

A multiplatform Monster Hunter would do better than a singe platform one. Both the Vita and 3DS are capable of running MonHun. It would make Capcom more money to put it on both systems. Why release on one system? 

"Faith?" Lol. 

And I realise there was no MonHun on DS (right?)...this is simply because the DS couldn't run a high quality MonHun game. 

That said, it is clear that Capcom's Vita support is shit. But an upscaled port of a 3DS MonHun would be more than profitable enough, especially considering the series' audience almost wholly resided on the PSP - and one assumes that would be the same audience that go on to own Vitas.

It is clear that Nintendo approached them with some sort of deal. 

i got a question. So what? Im pretty sure the game was moneyhatted to a certain extent by Ninty, but it seems that some people are taking that as a negative. Hell no thats a good thing, not because it secures a game series for them(I personally never liked MH, PS2, PSP, Wii or otherwise). To me it shows that Ninty is serious about getting 3rd party support, so moneyhat away Ninty!

I don't see why it's hard to believe that Capcom themselves wanted to move Monster Hunter to 3DS. It's the successor to the best selling system in Japan. We also don't know when exactly the game started development, so for all we know, it could have been before 3DS was even released.

@Sal. Paradise No it is not clear, none have been made multiplatformal upon release, so why start now? It would obviously cost more to do so, so maybe they are content with it being exclusive.

@oniyide I agree with what your saying, but honestly I don't see why they would need to moneyhat when it's better off on the 3DS. It only went to PSP because DS didn't have the power. So in other words Vita may get a port in a couple of years but the problem with that is what else can sell it, so if it continues at this pace then it may not at all. Then again the 360 got one, which may be coming to the Vita. That wouldn't be good because it's a spinoff but I guess something is better than nothing.