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Ivalice is in FFXIV!?

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Some spoilers

Alright so after completing the first raid in Rabanastre; it is with absolute certainty that everything that took place within Ivalice happened thousand of years ago in FFXIV. Over the years people have forgotten and started thinking of Ivalice as a fairy tail. (that's about to change)


Final Fantasy XIV - Return to Ivalice - The Royal City of Rabanastre - Argath Thadalfus boss

Patch 4.2 trailer is out. Challenging the next stages of Omega's "experiments" Doom Train, Kefka, and more!

Patch 4.2─Rise of a New Sun. Late January is the schedule for the release.

So many new dungeons and trials... and all I'm doing is crafting furniture to make profit with the new houses :D

front page updated:

Prelude in Violet special site:

Two new Dungeons: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) and The Burn.
New Main Story Quest
New Trials
New Raid: Omega: Alphascape (Because Omega: Omegascape would've been silly)
QoL: You get to equip all 10 cross-role actions now.
Eureka: Part 3 with new Logos System
More Lost Canals
More Crafts and things to pick inside your nose.
New Grand Company Rank: Captain!
Housing: Weird people and people from balmung can now set their house status to RP to let people know they're getting their freak on with a mannequin.
Eternal Bond: Anniversary (Electric Boogalo). Because everything better when you can do it twice.
gposeInstagram: You can now control the weather.
New Tomestones
No more FATEs to unlock crystal tower because people IRL told Yoshida pls

Also there is rumors going about that a new job class is slated to release before patch 5.0. my guess is "Prelude in Violet" is a hint.


FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 4.4 - Prelude in Violet