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Why on forums is moderating okay, but on a platform it isn't beats me guys.

Stop being so hypocritical.

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This is how I think it will work, Friend to Friend will be very quick and most likely won't be filtered, however in the general hub it will be controlled.....sorry but I actually agree with many people already said they want to just draw penises everywhere.


Half an hour is excessive, but I expect it from Nintendo - if they're going full-on with proper online modes, they kind of need to do this. I hope they find a more efficient way to moderate it at least

while i think 30 min is too long i think it is a good idea for keeping their forums the way they want. Kid friendly. I think parents will really like this.

Someone mentioned privacy issues, i do not see any problems there. If you are posting something to the net it isn't exactly private.

happydolphin said:
Why on forums is moderating okay, but on a platform it isn't beats me guys.

Stop being so hypocritical.

There's a difference.  On a forum, you can post what you want and people can decide if it's offensive or not.  Then action is taken.  This sounds like our posts will never see the light of day unless they're Nintendo approved.

It's like going on youtube and seeing a video (like I saw a vid of some Japanese invention that puts hair back on bald guy's heads.  It was obviously being played in reverse.  I tried to comment but "All comments must be approved".) and not being able to say anything except what the author wants you to say.  It will paint an unclear picture.  What if I'm not allowed to mention Xbox or Playstation?  What if I can only speak positively about Nintendo?  I don't like it.  It has the potential to be really bad.

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happydolphin said:
Why on forums is moderating okay, but on a platform it isn't beats me guys.

Stop being so hypocritical.

there is a huge difference here.  we have a reporting system not an approval system.  are you really telling me you'd be okay with all of your posts sitting around waiting for acevil or some other mod to read and approve your post before vgchartz displays it?  i'm completely okay with nintendo policing miiverse but the waiting for approval completly kills the social aspect of the feature which was (as iwata said) the point.

the wii U pre conference video showed a gamer getting stuck, asking for help, and then getting help via a video conference call.  so waiting an hour between your request and a response is cool with you?  not with me.

there is a simple solution NINTENDO.

as easy as 1 2 3

1. software to filter the regular vulgar words.
2. People monitoring for these devious spelling variations and adding them to the word filter,
3. then deleting the posts.

alteratively use google and find all the variants people have used in the past and block them all.


what would be funny instead of filtering the words out is replace the bad words with the word Nintendo.

eg I am going to fukcing kill everyone in this room

would become I am going to Nintendo  Nintendo everyone in this room.


Kind of liek the smurfs say smurf for everything haha.



Doesn't this just beat the purpose of Miiverse? If you need help getting through a game you aren't going to be waiting 10 days for your comment to get filtered, then posted, then someone finding your comment, then them commenting which again needs to be approved and finally reaching you. You would much rather just look through a walkthrough online. This kind of idea needs to be instantaneous.


Yeah I actually though about that as they showed it. But a filter and maybe banning those who keep with bad behavior, like a forum really, should do it, no need for that.






I don't think the filtering will end up being manual, its just not realistic, and if it is manual, why then does it need to be reported? There can simply be a strike system, auto filter - human moderators - posts go up, if post is reported, moderator examines, user is then subject to additional filtering for x time, so its 30 minutes for that guy who drew a penis all over some area or something else.

Whatever it happens to be, Parental Controls will be essential, when the console is turned on they can just force parents to do Parental Controls and make it their choice whether their kid sees things or not.

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