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Most Anticipated Game remaining this generation?

The Last of Us 32 17.88%
Halo 4 39 21.79%
God of War IV 22 12.29%
GTA V 28 15.64%
Metal Gear Rising 1 0.56%
Bioshock: Infinite 6 3.35%
Borderlands 2 4 2.23%
All-Stars Battle Royale 7 3.91%
teh next COD gamez!!!! 4 2.23%
Other 36 20.11%
NiKKoM said:
NintendoPie said:
NiKKoM said:
Just Dance 4 - will it get to 10 million on the wii alone?

I thought it was only coming to Wii U...?

with 9 million sales of JD3 on the Wii alone you really think they won't release it on the Wii?

I hope not! It'll force all of those Casual JD players to buy the new Wii U. That would be a great idea.

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BradleyJ said:
NintendoPie said:

I was more talking the lack of Ninty Games but OK! :3

Yes, I understood that. I just liked what you said and wanted to use it. Personally, I can understand why Nintendo games weren't included in the thread. If you're not much of a fan of Nintendo games you tend not to think about them much, hence why they wouldn't be included in the poll. I'm assuming that's the case here.

Like I said before, a person should set aside their personal prefernce for the OP and leave the Fan Activities for the posts.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Halo 4 by a country mile.

I'm not really here!

Versus XIII (if it comes out at all)

Behind that, I suppose it would be Ciel no Surge or Persona 4 The Arena.

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How the hell is Assassin's Creed 3 not on that list?

*Edit* I choose Halo 4 obviously.

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I'd say the last guardian but I'm not even sure it's coming now. Damn it.

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Ronster316 said:
I'll go with Hitman: Absolution............. its been far too long since Blood Money.

I agree with this guy here.

Bioshock Infinite. Easily.

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