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Forums - Movies & TV - Weekly poll: X-Men: The Last Stand, Spiderman 3 or Blade: Trinity? [Worst Marvel Threequel]


Worst Marvel Threequel?

X-Men: The Last Stand 16 24.62%
Spiderman 3 24 36.92%
Blade: Trinity 25 38.46%

Welcome to the weekly movie poll [Week 17 out of 52]

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In a twist on the game this week you get to decide which was the worst Marvel threequel!

While not necesarily totally horrible movies these threequels just didn't live up to expectations or the quality of their predecesors. Which was the most disappointing? Which was just plain bad? You decide!

*If anyone would like to make a suggestion for a future poll, feel free to post it

Released on May 26, 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand is the direct continuation to X2, while it is the most financially sucesfull film in the franchise it did not live up to the expectations of many fans and critics alike.

Notably lacking in the story and actual movie length departement one of the few good things this movie managed was special effects.

Released on April 16, 2007
Spiderman 3 is the final film in Sam Raimi's Spiderman trilogy, Spiderman 3 is on it's own merits not a bad movie and it is financially the most sucesfull film in the trilogy, but Spiderman 3 ultimately suffers from the simple fact that it's predecesors were better.

Criticized mainly for having too many villains and too many subplots this movie left a bittersweet taste with some fans.

Released on December 8, 2004
Blade: Trinity is arguably the worst offender on this list. Both financially and criticallly not up to par with it's predecessors this movie is not just disappointing, at times it's just downright bad.

With a generally poor story and downplaying Blade to be a sidekick to other characters this movie would have perhaps been better off not being made.

Vote in the poll, and discuss below which of these 3 is the worst!

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My vote has to go to Blade: Trinity, while this is the least fun franchise of the 3, at least the first two movies were bearable, Trinity was just revolting.

Blade: Trinity easily lol

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

It is quite obvious. Blade: Trinity.

Blade lol

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WTF I didn't read the "WORST" part and voted for Last Stand. Blade would have been my pick

pezus said:
WTF I didn't read the "WORST" part and voted for Last Stand. Blade would have been my pick

Lol, I was afraid that might happen to someone.

lol i didn't know blade is from marvel!

what the hell are you guys talking about. blade trinity was my favorite movie out of the three. I liked it way better then the second one and it had some great action moments.

x-men, they fucked the movie in every single way ...