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So with all of amp's Bond Reviews, it got me thinking about my favorite Bond girls.  Some of them are in terrible movies, but smoking hot none the less (Halle Berry I am looking at you).  Some of them flat out can't act their way out of their own clothes (Denise Richards), but I would still love to give them my Golden Gun.  So who is your favorite Bond Girl?  I want to start a contest, but this thread is to gather nominees for a future poll.  Don't know how many girls will be added to the list, depends on the enthusiasm level of the board.  

I would like to be able to post pictures of these girls in this thread, try to get pictures from the film in question.  Also, even though the resistance disapproves, try to keep the subject as fully clothed as possible, as these admins fear the human body as much as Rick Santorum. 

I will start, my favorite Bond Girl is Solitaire, played by the ever beautiful Jane Seymour.  Jane is getting older, and most of you may only have known her as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (if you are old enough to remember this) or the slutty mom from Wedding Crashers, or even the lady hawking the ugly jewelery on the 'Entangled Hearts' commercials.  Here is a picture of her at 24, in character.  See what I mean?  If I could travel back in time and introduce her to pubic hair maintenance, I would never come back, even if it meant no interwebz. 

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I liked Michelle Yeoh from tomorrow never dies.

But that's pretty unfair since I had the hots for her years before that movie.

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I nominate:

Daniela Bianchi (Tatiana Romanova): classy, beautiful, intelligent.
Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp): crazy, sexy, dangerous
Eva Green (Vesper Lynd): classy, beautiful, intelligent.

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TruckOSaurus said:
I nominate:

Daniela Bianchi (Tatiana Romanova): classy, beautiful, intelligent.
Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp): crazy, sexy, dangerous
Eva Green (Vesper Lynd): classy, beautiful, intelligent.

These are some of my favourites, but my absolute favourite is Diana Rigg (Tracy Di Vicenzo), she's probably the classiest together with Daniela Bianchi, surely amongst the most beautiful and probably the most intelligent in real life (she's even been Chancellor of the University of Stirling). Although I even preferred her in The Avengers and in The Assassination Bureau.

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Probably Analicia Rimalov

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ursula andress, she got the role in two bond movies because she is sooo hot


nahh sry don't take this for your poll, she looked good (and now she is a zombie) but i don't know a lot bond grils by name or even remember them to vote for one of them. i saw almost all bond movies but i can't remember a lot of thosse girls^^

I'll give this thread one more chance and come back later tonight, by that time I expect to see some extremely sexy photos and at least two people banned.

There is something really smokin' about those old style chics from the earlier movies. All natural, old school, wide hips and pointy titty bras FTW.

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Halle Berry definetly Halle Berry
and maybe this French Chick Sophie Marceau

Jane Seymour was really great but Ursula Andress was the Blond Cool Vamp Prototype make most of the rest look like little girls.
My Secret Favourites;
The extreme beautiful Isabella Scorupco(Natalya)
Kristina Wayborn(Octopussy)
and Brit Ekland.(I think I like b(l)ond girls)
Carole Bouquet(for your eyes only)was also great but looked to perfect to be really sexy.
My No. 1
Jill St John-diamonds are forever.