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kitler53 said:
toadslayer72 said:
kitler53 said:

is this actually a question?   so hot!

I will say of all the more recent ones this one is the finest. And there's just something about this pic that really helps her cause. I think it's her top, it really brings out her......eyes. Yeah that's it.

sorry, i got distracted.  what'd you say again?

Yeah she's really smokin' in that one.


Best part is your avatar combined with the pics. Looks like your monkey is fapping to her.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

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I didn't really find Eva Green very attractive at first, but as the movie went on and I was exposed to more of her, she grew on me. Seeing her in other things helped too. She isn't hot, as much as she is beautiful, with the right hint of sexiness. You could bring her home to mom, and show her off to the fellas in the street and both sets would be impressed. Not to mention she does those naughty "I am spectacular in bed" eyes SOOOOO well.

1: Famke Janssen
2: Eva Green
3: Some other bond girl