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Forums - Gaming Discussion - IGN review new Resident Evil - "An actual zombie outbreak would have been less tragic"

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marioboy2004 said:
maybe capcom should stop throwing up resident evil sequels once a week. sometimes spending time developing a game raises its quality. oh yeah and maybe limiting itself to releasing less then 30 resident evils a year would help the franchise

To be fair Revelations is at least a decent title. But hey I liked RE5 more than many- not classic, and not RE4 polished but fun nontheless. This game should have never been made though. I'm curious if people think this might have some effect on RE6 preorders if enough people feel burned?

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RolStoppable said:
Oh well...

If Jill Valentine is playable, then KylieDog will give it at least an 8.0, regardless of how bad the game is.


OT,  having read the preview from IGN some weeks back anyone should have seen this coming and it was made by a team  that put  out a meh SOCOM

AndrewWK said:
Jesus Christ what´s going on with IGN lately.
They crushed some games. Ninja Gaiden 3/10 Silent Hill Downpour 4.5/10 Ridge Racer 3/10 but then they are giving Kingdoms of Amalur 9/10 Alan Wake 9/10 and WWE 12 9/10. These is some very unbalanced criteria if you ask me. I mean Kingdoms of Amalur don´t deserve 9 points but neither does Ninja Gaiden 3 I´am certain.

Because that's their opinion?    

First slient hill down pout then ninja gaiden 3 now resident evil? For crying out loud they even refuse to give tales of g a review score ( judging from the review could of been a high 8-9) oh I almost forgot about yakuza dead souls. Now I have the feeling the new metal gear vengeance will suffer the same fate.


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if you disagree with ign don't patronize them. Just look at Rush Limbaugh. C'mon folks use your brains

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Japanese games used to be so good. Very sad.

Nintendo of Japan still makes great games... the Japanese do make great games and their women are hott!!

keep giving your franchises to western devs capcom , kill every series you have >.>


well the game never looked good to begin with but still a 4 is low. I was expecting at least a 6 or 7

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I think IGN is transitioning the score they give reviews, so people wont think that any game that gets less than a 8/10 is bad and not worth purchasing. These games are just casualties in that transition.

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