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Forums - Movies & TV - Edit: Predict how well The Dark Knight Rises will do!

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Will you see this movie?

Yes 25 83.33%
No 1 3.33%
On DVD 2 6.67%
On Cable 1 3.33%
I will read the review 0 0%
I will wikipedia it 0 0%
Other 0 0%
See resultz 1 3.33%


Everyone has it on their Radar. The next Batman movie is coming this Summer. What are you predictions for this movies Box office Gross World wide? Pezus thinks it will be 1.2 billion.


Pezus the Brave 1.2 million USD
Spurgeonryan 1.25 billion
Erisian the the saboteur Not as much as last time.
Truck the galant This.
IIIIITHE1IIIII the nameless
1.35 billion
Snakenobi the missunderstood 999,999,998 million-1,000,000,002 billion
Kitler the Great
It will do quite well!
Chris Hu the wise
More than Hunger Games.


Below I have added some pictures like I always do in my threads.