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Forums - Movies & TV - Newest Prometheus trailer in and it's glorious!

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Watching in HD recommended!

Prequel to Alien?

OMFG!!! Day one watch for me :D And yes its set in the Alien universe, and its a prequel :D

Vote the Mayor for Mayor!

So it seems I've seen the whole movie now. Thanks for posting, saved me a lot of time.

I hate prequels anyway (and this is the prequel to my 2nd most favorite SciFi movie ever).

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Yeah, the alien sitting in the massive chair is right out of the initial ship they find in the first alien movie. Then I googled it and read the wiki article on the movie. Sounds really awesome.

effects look cool but the movie just seems really stupid

You may place me in the extra excited camp now!

...and redundant. At least imo.

wow... just wow.

my most anticipated movie for some time...

I just love Alien.

proper sci fi.

I'm not really here!