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Forums - Movies & TV - Newest Prometheus trailer in and it's glorious!

I'm just teasing. There's nothing wrong with being excited about this movie, it's just me who thinks there's no reason at all for an Alien prequel. Then again, no ones forces me to watch it (but I already know I'll watch it on BluRay in a year or two anyway).

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I am really pumped for this movie. So much so I might actually go pay $25 for 2 theater tickets to see it day one.

I went outside once, the graphics were great but the gameplay sucked!

It would be sick if they somehow reference the war between the pilots and predators in the movie.

I think the general consensus online is that the pilots bio-engineered the aliens as some sort of ultimate weapon to use against the predators (and any other species that got in their way) and subsequently used them during a civil war on their planet which all went horribly wrong.

At least thats what I can gather from poking around on the internet, although if anyone has better information I would be interested to hear it.


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I was kind of into it until I saw Damon Lindelof (spelling?) is co-writer.
That's the guy from Lost! Run away!

What from I've read on a few sites, Prometheus was originally penned as a prequel to alien, but Ridley scott has stated several times now it isn't a prequel.

It's likely to be a two part story depending on box office success, hope this film can end with more answers than questions unlike Robin hood which was also planned to be a two part story.

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I'm so happy that Ridley Scott is attached to this project. Another big stupid action movie or a snooze fest like Alien 3 would be heartbreaking.