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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Pachter's Wrong!

Conegamer said:
Patcher is always wrong. I swear it's his job, especially when Nintendo are involved.

I mean, he's been banging on about a HD Wii forever, but none was made. And I doubt WiiU will fail as bad as he claims... wants

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Haha Juma nailed it.


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These analysts rely heavily on statistics that have already played out in a business model's history. They rely on statistics of the current market as well. There is a formula to it. But as in most business, there is what you can control and what you cannot. Pachter's Wii predictions were way off because of something that he could not see, and most analysts wouldn't take into account, and that is the fact it was something completely different from any other video game system before it. There were no statistics about a motion-control-based game system ,the closest data available was from the Xavix. So they had to rely on Nintendo's Gamecube numbers. Anything else considered was a "flip-of-the-coin" type guess. So where numbers are the only thing that matters, Pachter is essentially correct: The PS3 will pass the Xbox 360.
Again, with the Wii U, there is no data for how a game system with a touch-screen controller (as well as motion control) will fare against the unseen competition. He could very well be wrong again in his assertion that the Wii U will "do a Dreamcast", but he could also be right. Those of us who love Nintendo have faith that the Wii U will do well, but as far as hard numbers, there is no way to tell how it will do just yet.

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I'm rarely one to defend Pachter, but in 2005 we didn't know the ps3's price and nobody had played any actual Wii titles. The DS was only just beginning to take off, and up until mid-2005 it was seen as a gimmicky alternative to the seemingly more impressive PSP.

Assuming the ps3 would be the next ps2 and the Revolution would be a GameCube that didn't even have a proper controller was fairly typical at the time.

It was an unusually reasonable prediction by the man.

Pachter is derpy!


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Okay, so I was wrong. It had 42.7% market share. But still. I remember the Wii having nearly 50% of the market at some point.

Panama said:
To be fair no one could have predicted the Wii would go off the way it did, hell he's still calling it the Revolution in that article.

There was at least one prediction, which was right. It's the april fools Article from 2006.

"We expect Nintendo's Revolution, based on its price and immense catalog of downloadable games, to be the market leader by 2010,"

Here is the Link:

Panama said:
To be fair no one could have predicted the Wii would go off the way it did, hell he's still calling it the Revolution in that article.

The day I heard the name of the system I predicted it would become a huge success.  On another forum I said it'd be a household name on the level of iPod.  That may have been slightly after he made the prediction in the op, but not long after and still long before it actually took off.  To say no one could have predicted it is wrong, plain and simple. Just because every analyst with a job, and you apparently, got it wrong doesn't mean otehrs didn't see it coming.

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I wonder if his breakdown of Video Game profits is correct. In that same video where his says the WiiU will "Dreamcast" itself, he breaks down the $60 video game profit to $12 for retails, $12 for Console manufacturers, $9 for advertising, leaving $25 for publishers. Would be nice have accurate numbers.

Has the guy ever been right with any of is predictions, at all?
Seriously. I'd like to know.

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