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Forums - Movies & TV - Highest grossing movie of 2012?


Highest Grossing move of 2012?

The Dark Knight Rises 65 55.56%
The Avengers 5 4.27%
The Hobbit 38 32.48%
The Amazing Spiderman 6 5.13%
Hunger Games 0 0%
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 2 1.71%
Other 1 0.85%
enrageorange said:

Logic says the Hobbit should easily win. The Return of the King outgrossed the dark knight by over 100mil and it came out 5 years prior. So adjusted for inflation it outsold it by a lot more. You also have to take into account that the hobbit will be in 3d while, correct me if im wrong, the dark knight rises won't be so average ticket price will be much higher. 

But then again... Return of the King came out nearly a decade ago. And theres no doubt that without the Lord of the Rings name, many of the more casual viewers won't realize this movie is the prequel to the lord of the rings and might chose to ignore it.

Spider Man might also sell near 1bil, but I don't think any of the other movies will approach 1bil.

Actually Ice Age 4 might get close to $1 billion considering the third one did about $900 million.

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Ice Age 4 will probably get quite a lot as it seems to be really popular all over the world.



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Hobbit because it is in 3d which makes the tickets higher thus making it generate more money. Without the 3d price addition maybe the DKR but still probably hobbit.

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1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. Ice Age: Continental Drift
4. Brave
5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
6. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
7. The Avengers
8. Titanic 3D
9. The Amazing Spiderman
10. Skyfall

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No one mentioned Star Wars 3D?

The Dark Knight Rises, probably.

Bitch please. Titanic 3D!

The Dark Knight Rising

I trust no one, not even myself.

The Dark Knight Rises.

The Hobbit will do great, but without the ''Lord of the Ring'' name in front, it wont do as much, most ppl doesnt know anything about it. For example, my dad LOVED lord of the ring, he has no clue what the hell the hobbit is, he never heard of it. The fact that its in 3d might bring more money but i dont think it will be enough to beat the dark knight rises. The 2nd batman was awsome and everyone loved it. Around me everyone is hyped about it, even my mom is interested! Meanwhile the only ppl i see that are hyped about the hobit are the ''geeks'' who heard about the movie on the Internet. Also i expect the first hobbit movie to be like the first lord of the ring, a rly long snorefest with almost no action.

I also think the avengers will do good, I even think it will come 2nd to batman3 because every marvel movies no matter how great or awfull they are they usualy always do great. All they need is put ironman on theyr marketting all the time and some captain america and they are destined to succeed.

On a side note, I rly rly hope that spiderman will bomb. I'm still bitter about them rebooting the franchise so soon. Makes me feel like they take the viewers like morons who are always rdy to throw their money at them.


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