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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can Nintendo get Grand Theft Auto V?

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Chances of GTA V coming to the Wii U at the same time as PS3 and 360?

100% 93 33.33%
50% 108 38.71%
25% 77 27.60%

If they can get GTA, the Wii U will easily have a successful launch. With the Wii U launching this year and the recent announcements of the Nintendo Network, I think Nintendo will finally will have a good enough system to make me(and millions of PS360 owners) make the Wii U their main. I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Gamecube(loved Smash Bros) and I am hope Nintedo puts more effort to try and get 3rd party support. If a Mature title like Grand Theft Auto can sell on a Wii U, so can everything else!

So what do you guys think? Will a GTA game finally come to a Nintendo console?

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Of course, have you not seen all the rumors? They are working on it. I think the problem was before that they were not happy with the power of past Nintendo consoles. Not a problem this time around.

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50% chance.

Wouldnt be surprised especially if the game comes out in 2013.


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If the WiiU got GTA V that would be incredible. Imagine what kind of innovations they would be able to pull off with the WiiU controller.

What are the chances of a timed exclusive for the Wii U. I do not think they have announced which console the game is coming out for as yet and Nintendo would pull off a coup if they got GTA V exclusively.



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VGKing said:

So what do you guys think? Will a GTA game finally come to a Nintendo console?

I think the more obvious question is: "Does Take Two and Rockstar want to make mo money?"

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It's funny because GTA is probably one of the least mature titles there is.

It's more of a matter of when, not if.

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The chances are quite likely seeing as the Wii U will more than be able to handle it, it is just a matter of whether Rockstar wants to make it for the Wii U as well which seems difficult to see because they didn't release any GTA on the Gamecube either.

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