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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 2012 exclusive and beyond thread.

FFX? or when you say exclusive does the vita count.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

Sign up if you want to see God Eater 2 get localized!!

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Exclusive should mean exclusive to one platform, not to several platforms DESPITE the company owning those platforms.

I updated the thread with new PSN games and addded FF X HD.

Thanks for the info. Kivi95, SnakeDrake and Nikosx

Ok since Amy will be release next week. Here are the informatin overload.

First, a quick primer on the world of Amy. It’s 2035, and global warming has intensified beyond mankind’s control. Floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are claiming lives with increasing regularity. And in Silver City, the site of a recent comet impact, a mysterious viral outbreak has begun transforming a large percentage of the populace into horrific monstrosities. This is the final straw for Father John, a priest in Silver City: He’s convinced that the outbrerak is final proof that Armageddon is near. From his shelter-church, he tries to organize the human survivors to resist what he sees as a demonic invasion. The second character, Professor Raymond, is much more mysterious. Lana, the lead character of Amy, often refers to Raymond when speaking on the phone with another mysterious character, Lavigna – a woman she seems to rely on.

As you can see in the videos above, our goal is to create characters that convey emotions and that show their feelings physically, not just through dialogue or scenarios. Moreso than any other genre, horror games are based on what characters want – not just what they are doing.

For secondary characters, it might be ok to take a more traditional approach, to make them what you’d expect. But for the primary characters, facial features, expressions and the way they move are things we spent a lot of time on. Above all else, one of the most important aspects lies in their eyes. As you can see from the video, Father John’s eyes are not only highly detailed, but appear very human – at least, as close as we could get! And this is not just a technical and artistic challenge; the subtlety of human expression has a real impact in the game, especially for Amy and Lana.

As you probably already know, Amy is impaired – she doesn’t speak. Hence, in order for Amy to communicate with the player, her body language and facial expressions are of critical importance. If Amy sees a gruesome creature behind you, she won’t have to yell: you will know, just by looking at her face and body language, that she’s terrified.


Lexis Numerique will release Amy, itsVectorCell-developed original horror title, through a distribution partnership with Namco BandaiPartners across PlayStation Network andXbox LIVE Arcade in Europe next week. 

The game will be available for purchase on January 11 for 7.99 euros on PlayStation Network, or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

The game is set in December 2034, where disease and natural distasters have taken the world. Lana, along with a ‘gifted’ little girl named Amy, must run from her hometown, which has been struck by a comet, and escape the mysterious virus that surfaced as a result.

Thanks, Lexis Numerique (via PSN Stores).

Update: The U.S. dates have come through. It will launch on PlayStation Network on January 10 and on Xbox LIVE Arcade on January 11. Prices are $12.99 and 800 Microsoft Points.




Agent, The Last of Us and Starhawk are all I want. I also still need to get Uncharted 3.

Amy is also coming on the 360 btw.

And Square Enix gave a status update of FF Versus XIII two days ago:

It's not vaporware. They might have changed many things since we last saw it but it's still coming.

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Boutros said:
Amy is also coming on the 360 btw.

And Square Enix gave a status update of FF Versus XIII two days ago:

It's not vaporware. They might have changed many things since we last saw it but it's still coming.

Yup it is on my Info overload post and I specified it on the OP.

I want this, PS3 exclusive.

Gundam Unicorn.

Frist Trailer.

The gameplay actually looks better than the cut scenes.