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I think ioi is working on the possibilities for using these dollars.

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vg$ what;s the conversion rate for euros??

I love this!! as I am typing I am making another $ wooot


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I hope its a conversion of U.S. dollars...who knows, everything is still under wraps. ioi just made this idea up, so give this idea sometime. In the meantime we should find some ways to use this money.

Lol sweet, time to buy me some virtual hookers.

or not.. I don't want to catch a trojan.. oddly enough.

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Ohhhh... So that's it! I was wondering wth it was. XD

Well it's a pretty nice feature, I've seen it elsewhere before, just make sure that people won't abuse of it with spam, that's generally what happens soon after.

I hope the money per post doesn't encourage too many pointless posts... it can be hard enough already keeping up with the forums...

I'm going to save mine up for months and blow it all on one hot night with SSJ, Rolstoppable, and Grandmaster.">">

I wish this was real money.

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So how do I earn some?

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.