Lol source like thats rare now days

                 With regard to Call of Duty 4 having an ultra short single player campaign, I guess it may well have been due to the size limitations of DVD on the XBox 360, one of various limitations multi-platform game designers will have to take into consideration-Mike B   

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Game trailers-Halo 3 only dissapointed the people who wanted to be dissapointed.

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will there be a way we can bet money outside of the prediction league?

I think you should get 1 cent for a post on a thread you create. So the better thread you create the more money you can get for it.


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So can we sign up multiple sock puppets and they all get money and then we can have them give their money to us? So I need more than this one account. Mrmmmm.

Cool idea. Great work as always ioi.

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You can't give money to one another, at least not directly...

This site just keeps getting more awesome

w00t - so i know you said you'll explain later what kind of things this money can be spent on but what kind of things can this be spent on? real stuff or all virtual stuff?

Nuts.  I was gonna sell mine to theSource.

oh, and can you send money to others? if so i predict a sudden influx of new users measuring in the millions. xD