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Haha this vg money will make this website more addicting than it already is.




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Cool. Looking forward to hearing what they can be used for.

Sweet, money!

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Nice ioi, maybe we can use these VGDollars for prizes or awards.

ioi said:

I have introduced the concept of user wealth now to the community. It has only been implemented at the most basic of levels at the moment - you all start with a signup amount of vg$1,000 and you earn money by basically contributing to the site. Soon I will have pages up explaining how you earn more virtual money and what kind of things it can be spent on. In the meantime I welcome any good ideas / suggestions. The prime use of the system will be in the prediction league where you have to stake money against each of your predictions.

I am hoping to get the new and improved league up this time tomorrow as well as futher info about the system. In the meantime, enjoy collecting your vg$!

 Soon Soriku and Leo-J will be millionaires!!! Millionaires I tell ya!!!!

Yeah I saw that in the last thread I opened and was like WTF? I thought about opening a thread but hey, better check the frontpage first, and here it is, a thread about it. Hopefully everybody will do the same so we are not drowned under "What are VG$???" threads.

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Maybe do some kind've stock market with vg$. You can invest in sony/MS/nintendo and various 3rd party companies. Base their "worth" on game sales and maybe hype factors or something like that. Kind've like the prediction league, but longterm. I dunno. It's the thought that counts. :P

What's a get out of ban cost you?

(I've never been banned, but I can think of some people who would be broke!)

Well, we can use the VGDollars for bets.

Hey were all rich, quick question, how much does the source cost?

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or possibly leo-j if im shrt on cash: )

'You should try everything once in your life except incest, homosexuality and morris dancing' - Oscar Wylde (sort of)