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CrazzyMan said:
There is no PS3 game ports on x360, there are a lot of multiplatform games, which were developed at same time, there are a lot games, which had ps3 or x360 as a lead platform.

I agree with everything you said in that post except for ^ this part.  You're forgetting Virtua Fighter 5, Assassin's Creed, and now (soon to be released) Burnout Paradise and Devil May Cry 4.  These are all PS3 ports or am I wrong?

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ClaudeLv250 said:

I couldn't really care if MGS4 is exclusive or not (though I'd like to see some fanboy drama). I don't have a PS3 or 360 and I'm pretty neutral to Metal Gear as a series.

That said, people seem to keep wrapping themselves under this blanket of delusion that Kojima actually has some say on the matter. Konami decides what platform(s) MGS4 will go to, the most Kojima can do is whine and threaten not to cooperate on a port but he's not actually required in any way, they can just bitch slap him and port it.

People forget that Kojima didn't want MGS2 on Xbox and it happened anyway...

Claude tackles MGS4 exclusivity!

Some common excuses I hear:

Excuse #1: "But Kojima/Konami/Sony said it was exclusive!"

And? What are they supposed to say? It's not exclusive? If they haven't announced it for other consoles then by industry standards it's an exclusive. And they're going to continue to refer to it as an exclusive until the very day that they announce it to be multiplatform (if that day ever happens).

Excuse #2: "Xbox 360 can't handle Kojima's vision! MGS4 is not meant for it!"

Perhaps, but PS3 can't handle Konami's bills. This is perhaps the most expensive game Konami has ever make and they're putting it on a console that hasn't sold nearly as much as everyone had expected it to before launch. Judging by the fact that these multiplat rumors are being ignited by some Konami employees doesn't help the situation either.

Excuse #3: "Xbox 360 would explode if it tried to play MGS4/it needs 5 discs LOL/RROD LMAO!!1"

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

 Kojima was VP of Konami for a while, and only resigned that position to when Konami granted his wish to create Kojima Productions,giving him more time to focus on games.

Kojima has a LOT of sway in the company. 

bbsin said:
Some of you guys are acting like Sony didn't pay Konami to keep this game exclusive. As if Microsoft is the only company capable of persuading 3rd parties to get a game exclusive. There's an extremely good chance that Sony paid Konami off when they were leaning towards multiplatform.

 Oh they most definitely did.  The question is, was it guaranteed indefinite exclusivity?  Or guaranteed exclsuivtiy for a certain time period?  If it's the latter, how long is the time period?

Squall_Leonhart said:
I think that is what is killing the gaming industry! Companies like MS throwing money around instead of focusing on what matters, great games!

If it was just money that mattered to Konami then i think MGS4 would have been multiplat from the start... Its a bit more than that i'm afraid ;)

Squall_Leonhart, Sony started this trend with the PS1. When will Sony fans stop whining and crying about MS buying exclusives when Sony has been doing the same for over 14 years now. Where do you think MS got this strategy? They pulled it straight from Sony's play book. Now that its not going Sony's way. Sony fans take issue with paid exclusives? Unless youv'e been complaining about Sony doing so for the past 3 generations. Just shut up! Seriously,  I am damned sick and tired of this hypocritical whining and crying from the Sony fateful.

i never really understood the XBox fans and the media in general concerning this; seeing as the 360 has plenty of third party exclusives in Bioshock, Mass Effect and NG2, you'd think it would be agreed upon that PS3 needs MGS4 at this point.

 i never really understood the Sony fans and the media in general concerning this; seeing as the PS2 has plenty of third party exclusives in Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid 3, you'd think it would be agreed upon that Gamecube needs Resident Evil 4 at this point.


Now this is NOT PROOF MGS4 WILL BE PORTED.* It's just to show why that particular counter-argument is not valid.


*An exclusivity agreement is plenty proof it won't, although a port of the inevitable special edition is likely. 

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Your right Vamp. I also remember the first time that I saw that a Final Fantasy game was coming to the xbox and xbox 360. Some said it would never happen.


makingmusic476 said:

Kojima was VP of Konami for a while, and only resigned that position to when Konami granted his wish to create Kojima Productions,giving him more time to focus on games.

Kojima has a LOT of sway in the company.

Well, let's hope Mr. Kojima isn't stupid enough to pass up an opportunity to defray rising development costs by refusing to make MGS4 multi-platform just to show some sort of bizarre brand loyalty. 


RSEagle said:
If Microsoft really wants it, trust me they'll get it, they shelled out 50 million just for exclusive GTA content and I think it will take less to persuade Konami.

I wouldn't go that far. Perhaps Microsoft's money isn't that persuasive after all. And I would be very inclined to believe that Microsoft would REALLY want to get their hands on it. But it looks like they won't have that power to snatch it.

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Squall_Leonhart said:
They want this game so badly on their console, it's a shame that to play it a PS3 must be involved in the process :D

It gives you joy that many gamers will be denied the fun of playing MGS4 when it is released? Why?  

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This is... really not very shocking, is it? I think most people knew, but some rumors just won't die! I'm really, really, really looking forward to this game!!