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Forums - Music Discussion - Why does most music made after ~2000 suck?


Do you believe the music industry has gone downhill during the 2000s?

Yes 79 69.91%
No 29 25.66%
Maybe 5 4.42%

I think the Rock scene is lacking...

My uncle and such tell me how Rock songs used to be mainstream, like Guns N Roses "sweet child o'mine"

Even Grunge like Smells like Teen spirit.

There is good Rock Music today, but rarely do songs find mainstream sucess.

Lol recent examples I can think off are Nickleback (lol!!) and Linkin Park.

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It doesnt suck, ts just you dont like it. These things are just subjective stuff(although you can base them in objective criteria)

Thanks for the suggestions so far and I look forward to more. It just seems so hard to sift through all the shit to get to the good stuff. It can be compared to trying to sift through all the shovelware on the Wii for the actual good titles. I'll check all the suggestions out (except Lady Gaga or singers along those lines). I am not trying to limit myself by wanting bands that sound like classic rock bands but that is the preference I have. I want a song that actually flows nice, has decent lyrics/melody. Basically, something that isn't some jumbled mess trying pass itself off as music. I don't have time to listen to any right now since I have to go to work soon but I plan on checking them out tomorrow.

Lady Gaga's new stuff is not good.

Nowhere near as popular as Bad Romance and such.

also if you like rap/hip-hop diplomats are probably the most criminally underrated rappers ever and a;; their stuff is after 2000 theyre beats are crazy they sample everything and theyre rhymes are so ridiculous

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you should check out Muse

Rise against is cool too, just a pair of suggestions

it depends what you hear. if you hear dubstep or so you couldn't hear it in the 50s or 60s haha so nowaday is much better music^^

if you like rock maybe the past was better but that's the reason, they only had like rock/pop/country in the past nowadays you have an unbelieveable amount of genres so it makes sense you don't like as much percental than you did in the past but just because you don't like dubstep for example doesn't mean it's bad music.

the industry suffers a lot because of the "free" downloads so they only concentrate in the music they can still make money with. the industry shrank 50% in the last years because of the downloads. if you still search for music you like you will find it but you can't expect that the big labels have still so many good singers/bands. it's just to expensive to experment with music and to hope some people will buy it.

just search the indie market and you will find what you like.


and the same you say to this time people who loved classical music said in the 50s/60s... the beginning of the music groups and guysl like elvis almost killed the classical genre. not that there wasn't classical music after that but the people only had the beatles in their head lol

Also you are more attached to the music you were brought up with.

Lol for example, I was really into music in the late 90's and boy bands and Brittany Spears.

Now the music is nothing good, (very catchy though), I look back at the songs nostalgically and think they are better then they really may be.

lol this song is hilarious, I listened to it and I liked it, I can see why it was such a popular song and popular even today.

rap/hiphop is better now than the 90's or 80's most 90s and 80s music sucks.

There is just so much great music made in the 2000's
For example all these were made by bands whose first album released in the noughts: